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Trump the God Has At Least One Worshipper In India and Many Followers in US– A Third of Adult Population is Trapped in Trump Cult


Newsweek (Brendan Cole – Newsweek – Wednesday, June 27, 2018) reports that Donald J. Trump is worshipped as a god by a man in India.  His name: Bussa Krishna; he lives in the village of Konne near Hyderabad.  He is said to have set up a shrine in his home and for the last three years, he has said prayers to Trump several times a day.  He plans to build a larger structure next to his house, which wags will call the Trump Temple.  There is really nothing else to be said– the utter absurdity of the situation speaks for itself.  We should mention that the Hindustan Times says that this sort of thing is not unusual in polytheistic India, where most people are Hindus, and there is free choice of whom one wishes to worship.

I would like to say, however, that people here in the US are forming a cult of Trump.  There are definite signs of cultish behavior among some his followers, who include perhaps a third of the total adult population of the US.  Members of the cult tend to be white, uneducated, and readily susceptible to propaganda.  This is becoming ugly.

(image of Ganesha courtesy of and Jills)

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