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Stephen Miller’s Lies About Trump: “The president is a political genius… who took down the Bush dynasty, who took down the Clinton dynasty, who took down the entire media complex”



Michael Wolff’s assessment of Stephen Miller (from his book “Fire and Fury”): ” …other than being a far-right conservative, it was unclear what particular abilities accompanied Miller’s views. He was supposed to be a speechwriter, but if so, he seemed restricted to bullet points and unable to construct sentences. He was supposed to be a policy adviser but knew little about policy. He was supposed to be the house intellectual but was militantly unread. He was supposed to be a communications specialist but he antagonized almost everyone.”

Stephen Miller has been an aggressive, antagonistic right wing troll since he was in high school and started speaking on conservative radio at 16.  In college, he repeatedly attacked liberal people and causes.  He was said to have mentored the white supremacist Richard Spencer.  The former senior vice president of Duke, his alma mater, said: ” [he] seemed to assume that if you were in disagreement with him, there was something malevolent or stupid about your thinking—incredibly intolerant.”

(The quotes and details above were sourced from the Wikipedia article about Stephen Miller.  It is revealing.)

Stephen Miller represents the most anti-immigrant, racist, and white nationalist elements in the current government.  He has President Trump’s ear and has been whispering policy.  The particular policy, separation, the one Trump has just reversed, was developed a year ago by a small committee on which Stephen Miller sat.  It wasn’t intended to be universally unpopular but it managed to be condemned by everyone, from Republican mothers like Laura Bush to the Pope.

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