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Lie of the Day: VP Mike Pence calls convicted former judge Joe Arpaio “A champion of the rule of law”: Verily, We Live in a Post-Truth World


Vice President Mike Pence called former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was convicted of federal contempt of court last year, a “champion of … the rule of law” and said he was honored that Arpaio attended an event with him on Tuesday in Tempe, Ariz.  (from the LA Times written by John Wagner)

We assume that Moral Mike feels free to lie, thinking that no one is going to complain because his boss pardoned the bum… well, I for one object to this absurd fantasy of a falsehood about a man who was twice forced from his job as a judge because of convictions for contempt of court… seriously, how could someone who was literally convicted TWICE of contempt of court and then, because of those convictions, twice FORCED out of his job as a JUDGE be called “a champion of the rule of law”??  Don’t real words have any real meaning any more?  Verily, we live in a post-truth world.

(photo courtesy of and DomnoDominik)

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