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Comment of the Day: Trump can’t think out of the box because the box is smarter than he is


In his meeting with a deified North Korean monster who’s apt to kill a relative or two before breakfast, we’ll see if the president can hold his own. The mind boggles at what he might be holding, but that’s a story for another day.

If Mousse-olini manages to get anything positive out of this deal, it can probably be explained by the old truism: even a blind squirrel gathers the occasional nut. To bob and weave with Kim Jong-un requires being able to think outside the box. But thinking outside the box is not the president’s strong point, since the box is way smarter than he is.

To attribute positive results from such a negative man is to think like a gambler, whose rare win justifies the endless ruinous losses that get overlooked in the glare of the moment.

His handling of natural disasters, the embarrassment of his pulling out of the climate accord, the bogus tax plan that ultimately gives away the store to billionaires, the praising of neo-Nazis, the bizarre cabinet appointments, the midnight tweets that would embarrass a slow schoolchild…none of this will be undone if he stumbles into a success.

Mr. Obama got the Nobel Peace prize because the world felt so relieved when W. left. If our incompetent, stupid and mean president gets the prize, it will cheapen all those that have been handed out in the past century.

What he needs to be handed is his walking papers.

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