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Owls and Marijuana Farms: The Evidence


Owls and marijuana farms!  How’s that for a catchy title?

The facts are that irresponsible marijuana farmers in the wastes of deserted northwestern California (yes, there is such a place) are using rat poison to kill off wild rats and mice that eat marijuana crops, and the owls that naturally eat the rodents are being poisoned by eating their carcasses.  There are 7 dead owls that were examined at the University of California in Davis, all poisoned by rodenticides.  This is a stupid thing to do, especially because the owls themselves could suppress the rodent population very effectively if they were allowed to do their work in peace.

You know what bad karma is?  That is when you do a bad thing because you think it’s in the service of a good thing.  That never happens.  The ends become the means and your good thing at the end turns out to be a bad thing because you used the wrong means to bring it about.

Hedwig (Harry Potter’s owl from the Harry Potter series, of course) has spoken.

(Image courtesy of Pixabay, the free repository of 1.2 million photographs and a few cartoon figures)

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