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A Rant About Don the Con


(This rant comes from my email “sent” file, as told to Eric Woro, who should know)

Are you baiting me to make comments about Don the Con (I should try to trademark that phrase, “Don the Con” because I don’t see very many people doing it and maybe I could make some money out of this disaster for all civilization), you’re not going to get me started.  It’s like, I got really sick of the first two words in the nightly newscast on every station  being “Donald Trump” every night of the week for months on end and then it started in with the first three words being “President Donald Trump” and I wanted to die from this torture of repetition.  He has got his wish and all eyes are turned on him and he suddenly feels very uncomfortable because he’s beginning to realize that he really can’t handle his job.

It’s like suddenly being sat down in the pilot’s chair of a 747 in flight and being told, “Here, you fly it” and there’s all these buttons here and this stick and what do you do?  That’s how Don feels this morning.  Like flying a 747 without any lessons.  Thank God for General Kelly.
You know that the United States is effectively being led by General Kelly?  He has taken control of all inputs to Trump during his “official” day.  At night Trump locks himself in his bedroom and binge-watches all the Fox News shows first, with a DVR so he can skip the commercials.  Then he hate-watches the other news networks, the parts where they mention him, skipping over everything else.  He doesn’t sleep much, so he has plenty of time in the wee hours when the Secret Service is critically understaffed to hate-watch CNN and imagine himself punching them out in the ring like he got to do with actors on Wrestlemania.
So, you wanted to know what I thought about about what he said on Haiti?  I’m aware that he said that “they all have AIDS” and that he’s cancelled or about to cancel the temporary hold on deportation for a number of countries, I’m not sure about Haiti.  What else can he do from his lofty perch to cause outrage and tear families from their neighborhoods?  Commission ICE enforcers to come down and herd them into boxcars?
What do you want me to say?
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  1. 2018-01-13 1:53 AM

    and the priceless followup: We will be happy to welcome Norwegians.

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