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Comment of the Day: A New Democratic Leader Is Needed


This comment was posted to a Charles Blow opinion piece in the New York Times:


Jacksonville, Fl 4 hours ago

The Democratic leadership ever since Bill Clinton was first elected was built up of neo-liberal “Rockefeller Republicans.” They were the first to seek their major financial support from corporations, banks, &billionaires – which required them to throw the working people & trade unions, the traditional base, under the bus. Any significant support of unionism or working people’s lives would shut off the corporate piggybank in a flash.

Now, the Pelosis, Shumers, Reids, Hoyers, & other members of the Democratic Leadership Council have so perverted traditional FDR/HST/JFK/LBJ liberalism that they should really change the party name to the Republicrats. A new broom is needed for a clean sweep of the elitist establishment. The only good sign on the horizon is the staggering number of new young first-time candidates, many women, workers, & minorities have filed as candidates for 2018. The previous record was the Republicans with their Tea Party victory in 2010, with 72 new filings. The Dems now are way above the 700 mark & that number will continue to grow over 2018 as a new generation of non-elite, non-cynical, idealistic younger people strive to throw out the corrupt, elitist neo-liberals who currently control the party in Congress & the DNC & rebuild a true peoples’ party.

Who could lead the people out of this neoconservative nightmare that the Republicans are trying to build?  An amazing number of new candidates have filed– maybe there will be one who is charismatic enough.  She will have to be non-elite, non-cynical, non-corrupt, and a great orator.   She will have to be bulletproof to stand Don the Con’s insults and calumnies.  Preferably, she will be female– a woman.  Preferably, she will be black, Latino, or both.  I am hoping that she will reveal herself during the campaigns for this November.  Without her, we will be in for a long, bloody multi-front war between Tea Party dead-enders, Nazis, Klansmen, capitalists, left-wing Democrats, socialists, and communists.

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