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Quote of the Day: Keeping Don the Con is Nuts


This comes from New York magazine on January 4, by Eric Levitz; this is the final paragraph of an essay about Don’s senility and narcissistic personality disorder:

And yet, progressives’ fixation on the 25th Amendment is far less deluded than the rationalizations that keep Republicans from invoking it. By all accounts, most GOP Congress members recognize that Donald Trump is a pathological narcissist with early stage dementia and only peripheral contact with reality — and they have, nonetheless, decided to let him retain unilateral command of the largest nuclear arsenal on planet Earth because it would be politically and personally inconvenient to remove his finger from the button.

You don’t need a degree in psychiatry to call that crazy.

It’s just as well that the 25th Amendment isn’t invoked, because impeachment of Don the Con without concomitant impeachment of Moral Mike would leave us in a situation possibly as bad, or worse– considering Moral Mike might be more competent at oppressing the people and cracking down on irreligious behavior like eating with women other than one’s wife.

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