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Quote of the Day: Don’s Chances May Have Been Overstated, Says Steve Bannon


I may have greatly exaggerated my estimation of Don the Con’s staying power, as this quote from today’s Guardian makes clear.  Steve Bannon is quoted as giving the following estimation of Don’s chances:

Bannon gave Trump a probability of a third that he might limp to the finish line because of Democratic incompetence; a third that he would be pushed from office under the 25th amendment on grounds of mental incapability; and a third that he would be impeached.

The situation for Don may be deteriorating rapidly as the Wolff book is released early in response to a threatened cease-and-desist lawsuit from the Trump Organization.  Chances of a lawsuit preventing publication of such a book are slim given the American Constitution’s generally accepted interpretation as preventing prior censorship of material not potentially dangerous to national security or irreparably defamatory (that is, causing irreparable damage to a person’s reputation; unfortunately, Don’s reputation is at an all-time low and there is little that could further damage that.  Even public allegations relating to an old case in which Don was said to have committed child sexual battery and false imprisonment in a (dismissed, but refiled) civil suit were allowed.)

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