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Comment of the Day: Bad News On Voter Fraud: To Be Handled By Homeland Security


This comment was posted in response to a New York Times article informing us that Don the Con is disbanding the voter fraud inquiry and transferring its “duties” to the Department of Homeland Security:

thomas briggs

longmont co 12 hours ago

This is not good news. The myth of voter fraud persists on the right. This commission notionally was bi-partisan. Trump now turns this “investigation,” actually a front for voter suppression, over to the Department of Homeland Security. That ought to be chilling to those of us who value civil rights, including the right to vote. Republican voter suppression is not over. It merely moved to a new venue.

This suggests some sinister possibilities, such as “homeland security related” investigations of every voter in the country for possible malfeasance, such as, ?  In addition, it could provide an excuse for them to issue mandatory “voter” ID cards to every person in the country… at a fee.  The secret vote is a recent innovation; perhaps that can be suspended so that the government can see whether you’ve been voting for the wrong candidates.  I’m just suggesting.


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