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Comment of the Day: Don the Con’s Massive First Strike on North Korea


Kara Ben Nemsi

On the Orient Express 17 minutes ago

Let’s be clear: There is no first strike scenario that disables North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and prevents a nuclear retaliation except for a massive first nuclear strike from SLBMs with little or no warning for North Korea resulting in its total annihilation, including vaporizing all its inhabitants. The objective cannot be achieved with a conventional force. That would give Kim all the time he needs to lop a nuke towards the US mainland.

In the past, Kim could have relied upon the fact that no American President would choose that option, as it would make the US the pariah of the world. With Trump that calculus is out of the window. But as the analysts write here, if Trump is not following through now, he will look like a paper tiger, making Obama’s red line to Assad look like a small matter.

I am starting to get a little nervous.

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