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Comment of the Day: Don the Con Cannot Be Trusted With Iran or North Korea


Bruce Rozenblit

is a trusted commenter Kansas City, MO 19 hours ago

How can he negotiate if to Trump, words can mean anything which means words mean nothing? His followers still recite the “don’t listen to his words just pay attention to what’s in his heart” mantra. How can we determine what’s in his heart if he doesn’t tell us with words? How can we believe those words if they can mean anything?

Oh, but Trump has a vaccine for this madness. He says keep em guessing. He won’t reveal his true strategy because that would give away his hand.

He has no strategy, he has no plan. He doesn’t know what to do. All he can do is threaten and bluster and say crazy stuff that give his followers fits of joy. How many of of them can find the USA on a map of the world? Hint. One in five Americans cannot.

This strategy (insanity?) may have made him money in TV and real estate, but being president has nothing to do with either. What the president says has the greatest weight of any words in the world. Except now those words are just threats, bombast, and childish name calling. His followers love him for it.

The rest of the world expects our president to act like a president, not a schoolyard bully. They will respond accordingly.

If Trump reneges on the Iran deal, Iran will never negotiate again and will go full speed to maximize their armaments. They have no choice. Bullies cause you to do that.

N. Korea will follow likewise. Not only do they think Trump is nuts, but cannot be trusted at all. Words do matter for a president.


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