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Comment of the Morning: The Way Forward


(an irrelevant anti-VD poster from WW II)

“moral ugliness and intellectual incoherence “… [From another article about — guess who?]


nj 5 minutes ago

What the Republicans need is to temporarily, or permanently, abandon their belief that Democrats are the enemy and realize that Donald Trump is the enemy of both, the enemy of Democracy, the enemy of the Constitution, the enemy of the America 2/3 of the nation believes in. You’re not going to get the Steven Kings or the Louis Gohmerts, but you will get the Peter Kings, and the Leonard Lances.
And you need to convince Democrats that Mike Pence WILL respect the Constitution, the Courts, and the separation of powers. Because any President who does that, doesn’t threaten the Republic. You may hate his policies, but policies can be changed.
Because it’s a numbers game. You need 218 votes in the House to approve an Article of Impeachment and 67 Senators to convict.
Probably all 193 Democrats would vote for impeachment. That means you need just 25 more, including the Speaker, and he’s impeached.
In the Senate you have 48 Democrats, all of whom would be happy to convict Trump TODAY. So you need just 19 more. Rubio, Corker, Collins, Murkowski, McCain, Graham, Flake, Heller, and, yes, Mitch McConnell are pretty much all there already, and I suspect Burr, Grassley, Toomey and Portman are nearly there. Just 6 more Republican Senators, and Mike Pence is President.

And that’s what the GOP needs to do to reestablish its legitimate claim to govern. It needs to prove it can remove a President who, though he claims to be Republican, is not, only a selfish Trumpian.

(Twenty-five Representatives, all Republicans, and nineteen Senators.  Start working on them.)



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