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Comment of the Day: Anti-American but Perfectly Legal


William O. Beeman

San José, CA 16 hours ago

Trump has unleashed a terrible storm with his first pardon–and its name is not Harvey. Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio is perhaps the most infamous, divisive and anti-American action ever enacted by any president in our history.

I have no words to express my complete disgust at this action, or of its timing. Trump has issued this heinous pardon of an overt racist on late Friday afternoon just before we are facing a national hurricane disaster. I am sure he believes that the backlash from this action will “blow over” along with Hurricane Harvey, which will dominate the news cycle this weekend. The pardon is cynical, spiteful and an insult to the American public, entirely in character for this President.

Trump’s vile action tells the bigots of this nation that they will never be punished for terrorizing Hispanics, Blacks, LGBT citizen, Muslmss and–yes–Jews will all be fair game for the alt-Right, Oath Keepers and white supremacists.

Now just let the Trump apologists say: “He’s not a racist.” That is a patent lie, and Trump has proved it.

I hope the public will not let him get away with this. He and the Republicans who enable him must be severely taken to task for this awful act. I beg the news media to not let this event be overwhelmed by the impending hurricane. The effects of Trump’s Pardon (as it will be known) will last far longer than the damage from Hurricane Harvey.

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