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Sperm Counts Have Declined in Western Men, and It’s Not Genocide


A new meta-analysis reports that sperm counts have declined by about half in Western men over the period 1973-2011.  The report was presented in “Human Reproduction Update”, an Oxford Academic journal, on July 25, 2017; the cause of this decline has not been determined.  By “Western”, the study means North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

The decline in sperm counts has been reported before, most notably in 1992 (that report referenced “the past fifty years”) but has been highly controversial due to variations in counting methods and variations in the quality of analyses.  The concentrations of spermatozoa in men’s semen were averaging roughly 100 million per milliliter but have dropped to the neighborhood of 40-50 million, still “in the normal range” but now at the very bottom edge of that range.  Declining sperm counts are associated with multiple problems, including increased mortality among offspring, cryptorchidism, and testicular cancer, and are often blamed on the presence of multiple chemicals in the environment including plasticizers like phthalates.

The problem is associated with declines in fertility, particularly in Holland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and among whites in the United States, that have led to reproduction rates below replacement rates.  This means that the populations of these countries, particularly European whites, are declining.  While populations should be declining for relief of climate change, this phenomenon is currently limited to whites, who have a particularly selfish reason for opposing it: white nationalists believe that the declining population of whites is a bad thing.

So there you have it: scientific evidence that could be interpreted by white racists as genocide against the white race.  How reasonable is this interpretation?  Not very.  The causes of this problem are most likely related to environmental chemicals that were released as a result of society turning to the ubiquitous use of plastics for food containers; this does not represent an intentional effort to eliminate the white race.  Scientific evidence can be misused and abused in the most despicable ways.

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