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Comment of the Day: Civil Rights Gained Over the Last Hundred Years Are Being Lost



is a trusted commenter Boston 20 hours ago

It’s possible that the hypersensitivity we see surrounding race, gender, ethnicity, political leanings and all of the other silos of identity are due to one underlying cause: there is a sense that progress has stopped.

Various groups are feeling pushback after decades of slow advancement. White Power is surging, legislators are passing bathroom bills to thwart transgender rights, abortion rights are under attack, a Supreme Court nomination was hijacked by Republicans, and a man with a possibly racist past was nominated for Attorney General. When Elizabeth Warren protested, she was told to sit down and shut up.

We have a president who invited white supremacists to sit at his right hand, and who has the cultural sensitivity of turn-of-the-century robber baron. As I write this, people are dying in Charlottesville as white nationalists assert power.

Nobody wants to listen politely to right-wing zealots speaking at their commencement, or thoughtfully consider what Betsy DeVos has planned for public education in this country. The Civil War ended a century and a half ago, and people are still having to remind us that black lives matter.

The Twentieth Century was a time of increasing rights for people of color, women, gays and lesbians, the poor and the sick. Salaries were rising and infrastructure was booming.

Conservatives are fed up with all of that, and they’ve let us know they’re not going to take it anymore.

Some don’t choose to listen politely to their plans.

That’s why people of the minority persuasion are upset: progress in civil rights is being reversed by the Administration as we speak.  All the work done in the last hundred years, since women gained the right to vote, is being washed down the drain.

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