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New EPA Administrator Operating in Paranoid Secrecy to Dismantle Agency–New York Times


I like this picture so I’m going to use it to head all my posts.

The new EPA administrator and former attorney general of Oklahoma, who used to get his jollies suing the EPA, now is implementing his plant to dismantle the agency and abnegate its mission of protecting our environment.  Here’s a quote from a NYT article about his “secret” and paranoid mission:

Mr. Pruitt, according to the employees, who requested anonymity out of fear of losing their jobs, often makes important phone calls from other offices rather than use the phone in his office, and he is accompanied, even at E.P.A. headquarters, by armed guards, the first head of the agency to ever request round-the-clock security.

A former Oklahoma attorney general who built his career suing the E.P.A., and whose LinkedIn profile still describes him as “a leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda,” Mr. Pruitt has made it clear that he sees his mission to be dismantling the agency’s policies — and even portions of the institution itself.

But as he works to roll back regulations, close offices and eliminate staff at the agency charged with protecting the nation’s environment and public health, Mr. Pruitt is taking extraordinary measures to conceal his actions, according to interviews with more than 20 current and former agency employees.

Why would a man insist that employees leave their cell phones behind and take no notes, as the NYT states elsewhere in the article?  Because he is paranoid about leaks.  Why would he leave his own office to make important phone calls?  Because he is paranoid that the employees of his office are against him and out to leak details of his plans.

Do we really need an EPA administrator who plans to dismantle the EPA?  Or who is so paranoid that he won’t make important phone calls from his office?

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