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Comments of the Day: Republicans and Collusions



Cape Cod, MA

What is even more shocking and distressing, at this point, than even this First Family of grifters, liars, traitors, and conmen, is that, according to some poll I just saw, a whopping 85% of Republicans believe there is no wrongdoing here, and only 15% think there is some problem of ethics but nothing illegal.

What disturbs me about that, since this party has full power now, is that, were this Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or any other Democrat, I have approximately zero doubt that impeachment papers would already be drawn up, and those polls would look nothing like these. Meaning, for Republicans, it is not about the country and not even about their party, per se, but is really about their relentless and entrenched mindset of political warfare against the American left and Democrats. It confirms for me that they have abused their power, their positions, and the American public, including their own constituents, in service to this political war. They’ve wasted millions in taxpayer money, time, energy, and are motivated to make really bad law, i.e.: the health care bill, solely to be against anything Obama or Democrat or Clinton.
The GOP is, therefore, an “enemy within” because they no longer possess any objective principles. If a Republican does it, it’s legal, ethical, fine, no problem; if a Democrat does the exact same thing, well, Lock her up!

That really scares me more than anything.




Anyone, and I do mean anyone, who either knew of Trump from his NYC days or was paying attention to the 2016 campaign without putting party loyalty over country knew exactly what Trump is like and what his motivations have always been. Number one – adoration and exaltation of The Donald. Number Two – Enrichment of The Donald. Number Three – Revenge for the night the balck guy made a fool of him at the White House Correspondents Dinner. His behavior in office has simply followed the well known pattern.
The question now – will the Republicans continue to put party over country, tax cuts for the rich over doing right by the American people, erasing Obama’s legacy, even the parts they secretly agree with – or will they do the right thing, and rid us of this cancer on the country, the billionaire cabinet that is executing the agenda, and the complicit and equally dirty vice president?




Really, we are well past the point of asking when Republicans are going to stand up or when Trump voters are going to wise up. They won’t.

the only path forward is to push them out of the way at the ballot box by getting non voters involved, and in large enough numbers to overcome the electoral college, Russia, gerrymandering, Republican state governments, voter suppression, Fox News, and all the other anti democratic forces arrayed against the American majority.

These comments were in response to an opinion piece by the Times’ resident ultra-conservative, Ross Douthat, in which he admits that, in light of Don Jr.’s admissions, there might be a there there.
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