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Comment of the Day: Republican Lies From Nixon to Trump


This comment was posted in response to a NYT article entitled, “Donald Trump Jr. and the Culture of Dishonesty”:


pompton plains 

The larger problem is that the Republican Party has been selling lies for years. It’s part of the party’s culture and made the election of a liar like Trump inevitable.

Tax cuts don’t raise revenues. Climate change is real. More guns on the street doesn’t reduce violence. President Obama is an American. Opening our markets to mercantile export economies makes multinational corporations rich, but doesn’t benefit all Americans. Cutting the safety net will not set the poor free. Repealing the ACA will not give poor people more choices. Torturing suspects doesn’t obtain truthful confessions. The market can’t fix all social problems. The Republican Party has lied about all of these issues.

In the party that deals in lies, being a dishonest liar doesn’t preclude you from being the president.


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