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Comment of the Day: American Government, Hijacked by the Wealthy


This comment was attached to a NYT op-ed titled, “The Hijacked American Presidency”:

David J.

Massachusetts 5 hours ago

Mr. Blow, your assessment is on point, though I would contend that it is not simply the Presidency that has been hijacked but all three branches of government in some measure. Gerrymandering, voter ID laws, the rampant influence of money (courtesy of Citizens United), etc. have all combined to ensure that Congress is less a body of representatives and more a body possessed by a wealthy few. This directly led to a Supreme Court that now has the arch-conservative Neil Gorsuch occupying a seat rather than the moderate Merrick Garland.In short, our democracy is under siege. Trump is merely the thug behind the wheel. The GOP owns and controls the vehicle.

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American government is, ideally, by the people, of the people, and for the people.  The wealthy have an increased standing in life already, but they have become greedy and are attempting to wrest control of government away from the people.  Democracy, ideally, is not in the personal best interests of wealthy people, because they are obliged to pay significant amounts of money to support the government which is controlled by democracy.  The wealthy would prefer an oligarchy or monarchy, something which resembles the way a private company is managed.

In order to mend our society, we need to organize to counter the unjust demands made by the wealthy and place a check on their power.  It is not wise to claim that the wealthy should have no voice in the way things are run because that would produce an unstable situation and society as a whole would suffer.  It is better to demand equal time for the voices of the poorer but wiser people who have not been heard.  We must organize to add our individual voices together and produce a louder voice that can be heard over the amplified voices of the puppets of the wealthy.

To produce a loud enough voice, our message must be synchronized– we must say something as one.  We need not all agree on everything, or even on most things, but we must agree on one or two critical things.

The most critical thing right now is jobs for everyone.  I know that sounds too basic; some of us would even say, where are the LGBT rights?  But a lot must be just assumed right now in order to combat the basic problem, which is the tyranny of wealth.  To do that, we need jobs for everyone to lift everyone out of poverty.

To achieve jobs for everyone, ideally we should have the government take over the task.  Since we do not control government, we need to do it ourselves.  First, we need to set up a computer application that will coordinate the process.  Inputs will be people and things that need to be done, and outputs will be jobs matched to people.  To make it work on a private basis, we need some people who have money and need things to be done.  That’s my 500 words for today.

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