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Facebook: Look At Patribotics.Org for News on Don the Con’s Collusion with Vlad “the Impaler”


Just go to this website and read everything you need to know about the criminal Don the Con and his collusion with Vlad “the Impaler” Putin.  In fact, this website makes it unnecessary for me to write anything further about this criminal and his behavior.  It’s all there, with signals intelligence and confidential information from our security agencies and the agencies of multiple other countries.  It’s disgusting, criminal, and cringe-worthy, and everyone around Don is implicated in this conspiracy.  I couldn’t believe my eyes; the mainstream media simply is not reporting the inside facts about the culpability of everyone from Don to his vice president to the entire Republican Party.  They have even been laundering Russian government money into the Republican Party’s coffers to supplement their fundraising and compete with the Democrat’s money advantage.

Go to the site, read it, and weep:

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