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An Open Letter to Don the Con: The Difference Between Criticism and Insults


Dear Don:

When you lashed out at Ms. Brzezinski, you used some trite, childish insults and rude personal observations about a minor medical issue that she supposedly had while at a party at your residence.  These are simply insults, irrelevant to the important issues which she confronted you with, and demeaning of her as a woman.  These insults leave you appearing to be simply childish, with a limited vocabulary, and wide open to a charge of sexism.

The “important issues” with which she confronted you, on the other hand, represented criticisms of your performance as a President, harsh criticisms to be sure, but none the less substantially true.  For example, you are a known certified liar– reference the New York Times article a few days ago which cataloged all the lies and misrepresentations which you indulged in so far in your term.  Second, you are the world’s most fascinating undiagnosed mentally ill person.  I hope that makes you feel good that you at least came out Number One in something.

With reference to the accusations of mental illness, there are two factors at work here.  The first is the Goldwater Rule, with which you may be familiar.  The second is that, in order to determine whether your behavior represents mental illness as opposed to mere ignorance and churlishness, it would be necessary for a qualified physician to examine you.   We both know that is never going to happen because you would never voluntarily answer a psychiatrist’s questions.  So the issue of what type of mental illness your behavior represents is wide open; however, it is possible to be confident that the diagnoses of pathological narcissism, sociopathy, and potentially intellectual deficits will be entertained.

Let me repeat, for emphasis: you are responding to legitimate and arguably true criticisms from your “enemies” with childish insults.  This behavior is pathetic.

Sincerely, Conrad.

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