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Comment of the Day: Mitch McConnell, the Ultimate Ingrate




This man was born on the third base of illness– he developed polio as a child and yet survived ( with his mother receiving help from the March of Dimes in Warm Springs– the ultimate Democrat’s, Franklin Roosevelt’s, medical charity) to be able to stand at his podium in the Senate and deny the American people a chance to live with their own medical misfortunes.

I cannot express how disgusted and repulsed I am that this man took all the kindness from caregivers and hard earned dimes from donors of 1944 and has paid it forward this way. If we could go back to 1945 and if could talk to the little children in iron lungs and the parents of children who died and the young people whose lives were completely changed by paralysis, they would say– well, if we have been struck down, we are happy that at least someone survived.

Would you want to tell them what Mitch McConnell did with his life’s work, his gift of a second chance? As a nurse, I can almost always find the good in someone to connect to. But I will never look at this person in the same way ever again. His life’s work has been contemptible.

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