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Comment of the Day: Propaganda Now Being Disseminated by Right Wing Pro-Trump Agents Against Comey


Christine McM

is a trusted commenter Massachusetts20 hours ago

These prepared remarks are remarkable, no pun intended. The level of detail is astounding.

I was listening to a pundit say that the reason why these remarks were released a full 24 hours before Comey’s appearance is to counter what appears to be a concerted effort by the White House to discredit him.

I’ll say! I could not believe my eyes the other day to watch an ad, from some Trump superPAC, maybe the Mercers, essentially stating that James Comey can’t be trusted. As far as I know, Mr. Comey is not running for office, to spend money in creating an ad–some might see it as a smear campaign–in advance of the testimony is unparalleled.

Trump must be very worried indeed to spend such money on something that, on the surface, doesn’t do his “cause” any good. In fact the more agitated he becomes over all this, the guiltier he looks.

I guess the best I can say is, if I’m shocked by the anti-Comey ad, I have no idea how I’ll feel if Trump live-tweets during tomorrow’s testimony.

I guess there are no limits to how far Trump will go to debase the office he once claimed to feel honor to have won.

I find it shocking and disturbing that some pro-Trump entity is currently disseminating (on television) propaganda that attacks Comey.  Very disturbing.  That huge quantity of money that is being used to sway public opinion even when no election is at stake… if so much is available, why not hire armed goons to beat up or kill anti-Trump protesters and agitators, or even journalists– they do it in Russia, why not here?

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