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Russia Continues to Hack Into US Election System


my feet.

A report in the Intercept yesterday detailed a leak from the NSA showing that the Russian military hacking apparatus sent phishing emails to VR Systems, a provider of software to US election campaign organizations– not the providers of software for ballot boxes but very close to it.  An employee of the NSA was almost immediately arrested for leaking this information.  The phishing effort apparently occurred only a week or two before the presidential election, after Obama had warned Putin to stop trying to hack into US campaign organizations.

The significance of this revelation is simply that Putin is intent on subverting or even destroying the US election system and undermining the trust of the US public in their own democratic systems.  What little trust is still present– many Americans do not believe that democracy is working, even before they learn that the Russians are trying to undermine it.  The American government is barely functioning at present– only the ICE is actually working to harass and delay people trying to enter the US.  The Treasury Department is still handing out Social Security checks, and government employees are still being paid.

The web presence of the US government has been purged of all mentions of climate change and of any reference to actions that they might take to alleviate it.  Instead, propaganda supporting Don the Con and his erratic behavior has a place of honor on government web sites.  There is a yawning chasm in front of us, and without drastic action, the disintegration of government services and government protection for the environment is imminent.

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