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Comment of the Day: What’s Wrong With Republicans and Democrats


This comment is in response to a Paul Krugman opinion piece called, “What’s wrong with Republicans?”:



Historically, Mr. Krugman is correct. The Democratic party was founded as a platform to hash out varying ideas. The Republican Party was founded on the principle of pushing one main idea.

So the Republicans have always seen the Dems as unprincipled because they did stand for one binding “good”. But since Reagan, this has morphed into a place where Republicans see themselves as the only true patriots and protectors of America. Democrats are considered disloyal, untrustworthy socialists out to destroy the US.

Ryan, McConnell, and their ilk don’t really see any need to research issues, prepare and publish detailed policy, negotiate in good faith, all the essential steps in good governance, for the simple reason that they (in their own minds) are always right and the Dems are always wrong.

Too many Americans have a very poor grasp of history, current events, how science and journalism are supposed to work, and basic civics. Uniformed and scared, they will always cling to the simple feelgood slogans of the Republicans. Trump was the ultimate expression of this boastful head-in-the-sand approach.This does not bode well for the future of your country.



I would point out that the problem is at the very base of the GOP philosophy, that there are no successful industrialized countries that govern by a small government, low tax, low regulation philosophy. It does not work for people. It never has. Not in any country, not in any state. Look at Kansas.
With government gone, corporations have a clear field to do what they want, and we have seen what that means. The financial crisis, United Airlines, Wells Fargo, removing environmental protections, and lots more.
Beats me why the Dems do not point this out.

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