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Comment of the Day: Sadomasochism




As a Scandinavian and European, I can not understand the sadomasochism of the American people. A sizable number of voters, and indeed congress delegates, admire the person who keeps penalizing them. For me this resembles the love-hate relation between the abuser and abusee. Normally, this kind of behaviour should be harboured in its infancy, instead we have a full-grown bull at the highest office in the free world, who keeps hurting most people around him. At the same time the co-abusers (read congress) applaud this behaviour. Why is pain excused so broadly in the American society? I can not get my head around this. Maybe the old proverb “No pain no gain” rings in everybody’s head, instilling them with the thought that pain is a precursor of success. Life is not beyond an insurmountable hurdle, but here and now!

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