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Don the Con’s Kleptocracy Covers Up Russian Contacts


Occupy Democrats on April 25 published a piece in which it quoted Carl Bernstein (one of the people who exposed the Watergate coverup) as saying that the continuing behavior of such figures as Michael Flynn and the repeated denials by administration figures of any contact with Russia smell of coverup:

There is serious belief in the FBI, in the Congressional committees in the House and the Senate, that there is an active cover-up going on, involving trying to keep investigators from finding out what happened in terms of the Trump Campaign, and what happened in their associations with Russians.

The active cover-up attempts by administration figures amount to impeachable offenses, more so in many cases than the acts covered up.  Remember that Bill Clinton was impeached for supposedly lying (“it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is”) about a consensual affair (adultery is no longer illegal and is thus not a “high crime or misdemeanor”, although it is a capital offense for a politician’s career– a fate that Clinton averted by the skin of his teeth.  The fact that he only had a couple of years left in office and that a Republican fanatic, a mole in the White House, engineered the whole affair with Monica and saved the evidence– the infamous “blue dress”– helped him.)

The Syrian nerve gas attack provided Don the Con with a perfect opportunity to launch a few missiles, mostly for domestic consumption, that made it appear as if he had gone counter to Russian interests in Syria.  It is not likely that Vladimir really cared about a Syrian air force base, as shown by the fact that he did finally meet with US State Department head Rex Tillerson in Moscow not long after the cruise missile attack.  (Compare this with the government of Mexico, which cancelled  meetings with US representatives after Don the Con made more inflammatory remarks and threats.)

Flynn and several other figures in the administration denied relatively innocuous contacts with Russians that later turned out to be real.  Flynn may have broken the law related to registration of foreign agents.  Supposedly Flynn informed his superiors that he would be  visiting Moscow in 2015 and was debriefed afterwards, but he forgot to mention the payments he received from the Russian government and never registered as a foreign agent– until last week, around the time he offered to testify in exchange for immunity.  Don the Con himself has thrown cold water on the rumors of Russian collusion and has pursued the leakers of documents that corroborate the rumors.  If he had nothing to hide, he should not be so strenuous about denying it.

The White House has refused to release documents requested by the Senate committee related to Flynn’s foreign contacts while he was national security adviser for three weeks.  Spokesman Sean Spicer dismissed the request for detailed records as “outlandish.”

There is concrete evidence of a secret back channel (a dedicated computer server in Trump Tower that communicated by email with Alfa) between Trump and the Russian bank Alfa, the one favored by modern Russian oligarchs.  There are individuals hired by the Trump campaign such as Carter Page, who was an unindicted co-conspirator in a Russian espionage case.  Then there is the direct effort by Don the Con to soften the Republican platform on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  And then there are the discussions that Michael Flynn had with Ambassador Kislyach about reducing the sanctions on Russia after the new administration came to power.  Finally, there is the Exxon deal with Russian oil interests that will provide them with new technology; Exxon has already applied for a waiver on the sanctions voted by Congress after Ukraine.  The Exxon deal is reported to be worth $500 billion to $1 trillion in profits.

There is also concrete evidence that the Russians have been cultivating Don the Con since at least 2007, around the time Don started making somewhat hyperbolic statements lauding Vladimir and his government.  A perfect opportunity for the Russians to gather kompromat (compromising intelligence for blackmail) occurred when Don the Con hosted a beauty pageant in Moscow in 2013.  That was when Don the Con reportedly paid two prostitutes to urinate on a bed that the Clintons had slept in– a contention backed by eyewitnesses on the hotel staff.

If that were not enough, there are rumors of a 19.5% stake in Rosneft, the Russian oil giant, being transferred to certain US parties.

Clearly, Don the Con is preparing to make a number of policy changes that would greatly benefit the Russian government– but why?  Because Vladimir is a friend of Don the Con?  Or because the Russians have loaned Don the Con so much money that they have leverage over his presidential actions?



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