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Don the Con Caves on His Wall as Mexicans Stay Home to Avoid Kakistocracy


Today’s New York Times reports that Don the Con has removed his demand for specific funding for his wall on the Mexican border.  With estimates of costs ranging from $21 billion to more than $70 billion, Don the Con has decided that discretion is the better part of valor and announced that wall funding can wait until next fiscal year.  Nevertheless, increased funding for assorted technological advances in border security will be included.

Ironically, estimates of illegal border crossings have shown a 75 percent drop since Don the Con won the Electoral College by a narrow margin.  Apparently Mexicans are less interested in emigrating to the US under a Don the Con government administration.  Perhaps a wall will not be necessary if Don the Con makes living in the US unattractive enough.

It is not unlikely that Don the Con has gotten his way on some other, unspecified aspect of the budget.  Subsidies paid to make health insurance affordable for six million people are apparently safe after the Democrats refused an offer to bargain over them; Don the Con apparently has no leverage over them.  Payments to extend health insurance for disabled coal miners are also likely to be granted.

In an unrelated development, former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke said in an interview that Republicans think the economy is booming since the election, while Democrats see a looming recession on the horizon.  Neither partisan assessment is particularly accurate.

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