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National Security Advisor Plans to Join World War with Islamic State


According to Richard Wolffe, opinion columnist for the Guardian:

It may be time to concede that one of the biggest winners of this election is the twisted and murderous worldview distilled by Osama bin Laden. Unlike Bush and Obama, Trump and Flynn believe we are engaged in a war with Islam, just as al-Qaida and Isis believe they are engaged in a war with Christianity and Judaism.

The point is that we are only at war if we agree to be at war.  It is not necessary to buy into the insane world view of the leaders of the Islamic State, which holds that Mohammedan prophecy predicts that the world will end with a war between the true Islamists and the infidel, with the final battlefield being in a town now under the control of the Islamists.  This is a specific matter of belief for the leaders of the Islamic State: the final battle will be in the town of Dabiq, against the armies of “Rome”, that is the Christian infidels, and only a few will survive to see the Day of Judgement.  (This information comes from an article in the Atlantic titled “What ISIS Really Wants”– recommended reading for students of the problem, and deeply chilling.)

Do not be reassured.  The Islamic State is a deadly threat, primarily because of its sophisticated use of the Internet for propagandizing.  Its message is potentially attractive to alienated youth who see nothing good about Western society.  Some people will become recruits, and some of them will become committed terrorists who will try to destroy the West from within.

It is tempting, but a mistake, to accept the challenge of this ideology and send American troops to Dabiq to try to destroy the Islamic State.  That is exactly what they want, and it will be self-defeating.  A better course of action would be to remain true to your personal beliefs and support moderate, modern Muslims who will attack the Islamist jihadists and destroy their retrograde, medieval way of death with modern weapons.

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