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Donald’s Pick for Secretary of Education: Betsy de Vos


The epithets for Donald’s pick for Secretary of Education have her as “a Michigan philanthropist.”  She is much more than that: she sent her own children to a private Christian school and that is what she plans to support: taking public money as vouchers to support private schools, including religious schools.

As has it:

She and her husband have funded efforts to create private-school vouchers and protect charter schools from government oversight and regulation.

Ms. de Vos’ influence in Michigan has led to minimal government oversight of Michigan private/charter schools;  in interviews with Chalkbeat, an independent organization that studies education in the US, King stated:

“There are a lot of schools that are doing poorly and charter authorizers do not seem to be taking the necessary actions to either improve performance or close those underperforming charters,” current U.S. Secretary of Education John King told Chalkbeat about Michigan last month.

So Ms. de Vos, who enjoys the anodyne epithet of “philanthropist”, is in reality a woman who wants to funnel public money into private primary schools that emphasize religion over basic education and avoid government oversight.

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