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xkcd Explains the Hockey Stick, and Climate Change


Here’s a subset of the web you’re sure to enjoy: webcomics, comics that are published on the world wide web, popularly known as the internet.  XKCD is surely the most interesting and entertaining of these pictures with a few words thrown in.  The very most significant of these is xkcd’s timeline of global climate change, which shows basically what we’re up against in climate and weather for the next few years.

Start with “The Mind of Dan”s blog entry for September 12, 2016, which reprints xkcd’s time series for the global climate change story; at the moment this is the next-to-last entry for the mind of dan, who apparently lives in .ca (Canada?)  Dan’s motto is “It’s not enough to bash in heads, you have to bash in minds.”  Dan’s mind is a good blog to explore if you have the time, but I want to emphasize xkcd, so you can just go straight to this xkcd entry for the hockey stick.

The take-away that I got from this graphic image is that temperatures were almost as warm as they are now during the “Holocene climate optimum” around 8000-2000 BCE (Before Common Era, previously known as Before Christ.)  Unfortunately for us, the temperature is now somewhat warmer than it was then, and temps are rapidly rising above that optimum, way above.

For other fascinating and amusing comics, be sure to explore xkcd and “The Mind of Dan” before you continue on to other entertaining things– if you have time.

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