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Odd Behavior, Explained: Try “HandsomeDogs” For Example


Go to tumblr to explain the phenomenon of the “odd behavior” I mentioned in a post a couple of days ago.  There you will see many blogs that closely resemble the two who started to follow me, that I didn’t understand before, that is: “doggieselfies” and “catslivepics.”

These two blogs, and many others, are simply blogs by people who are mostly speechless.  They can’t fill out their “About” pages because, either they have nothing to say, or they can’t say it.  Instead, they prefer to post pictures of dogs and cats, respectively.

I am enlightened: there is nothing really odd about this behavior.  They are just extreme examples of people who want to blog but don’t have words, only pictures.  So I’m happy that they can read and like to read me, or at least they want to look at my occasional pictures/photographs.  THereFore, I will post more pictures.

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