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Another Personal Note, Part Two


…these films were needed to (to be continued)… confirm that the rods were correctly placed and the rest of the surgery was successful.

At the rehab hospital, I spent three exhausting hours every day doing exercises, walking with a walker up and down the hall, learning to put on my socks with a curious little device, and learning to put on my shoes with a “grabber” and a long shoe horn.  In addition, I learned with wipe my anus after defecating, which is incredibly difficult and usually involves a device known as a “bottom buddy.”

After I had spent two weeks at the rehab hospital, my doctor broke three fingers in her left hand by having them in the way of a window at the hospital that closed too quickly.  I was very surprised when she arrived to check me out wearing a long arm cast with the tips of her third, fourth, and fifth fingers protruding– each digit transfixed with a wire internal-external fixation device.

It was purely a coincidence that they planned to discharge me that day, since they had been telling me for three days that I would be sent home that day.  Accidents happen.

Now I am at home, eating soup, sandwiches, and salads, and walking further every day.  Sadly, I have not been re-struck by the Muse that I had been obsessed with in the past.  I know that I have been active at some time in the past, because the dashboard tells me I have posted 1,044 times over the last few years.  I’m afraid that that frequency will not be matched in the near future.

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