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Another Personal Note


I am making (I believe) my first post in about a month, which is unusual for me (as my 6 regular readers will know, I usually post almost every day.)  I was admitted to Univ of Cal at San Fran on August 9 at 6 AM and had the first surgery at around 7 or 8.  The first surgery was relatively innocuous, and I passed the rest of the day in a fog.  On August 10, I had the second surgery, which was on the back and involved the insertion of two titanium rods that extend from about S1 to about T10 and are now screwed into each vertebra all the way up.  I woke up in severe pain and the doctors had some difficulty controlling the pain.  Probably I didn’t scream loud enough.

After a week total at UCSF, I was transferred to a rehab hospital called St. Francis Memorial, which is right downtown.  I wasn’t transferred until I was able to stand up while grasping supports, which was necessary in order to take X-rays of the spine, films known as a “scoliosis series”; these films were needed to (to be continued)

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