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A Few Prosecutors Want to Kill People, and They Get Away With It


A report from the Fair Punishment Project details the records of the five most prolific district attorneys in sentencing people to death.  These five were personally responsible for a disproportionate number of death sentences, and in the process a disproportionate number of misconduct violations: from one-third to one-half of all death sentences were marred by misconduct, and half of death penalties were reversed.

After four of these five left office (the fifth retires this year), the number of death sentences dealt by their departments dropped by more than ninety percent.  The report makes for grisly reading, but it makes clear that sadistic, unprincipled prosecutors are responsible for most death sentences in the United States.

The report also comments on three currently active prosecutors who are vying to replace these retired miscreants as top killers.  The imposition of the death penalty is an anomaly today, and mostly depends upon the active if not obsessive pressure of the prosecutor.  If it were not for the state of mind of these sadistic prosecutors, there would be even fewer death penalty cases then there are now.

If you are interested in anti-death penalty activism, this report provides you with ample ammunition for your arguments.  Go for it.

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