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Fr. Bill

Cambridge, Massachusetts 9 hours ago

I served a parish in Hawai’i for 10 years. Hawai’i is and always has been a multi-cultural, multi-racial society that welcomes outsiders and melds them into the community. We eat each others’ foods, celebrate each others’ traditions and marry each others’ children. What we consider normative is, I think, viewed with suspicion if not downright hostility by many in the United States who (in the words of Sarah Palin) consider themselves to be “real Americans”. Having been born in Hawai’i (way out there somewhere) is alone reason enough to make President Obama suspicious in the eyes of many. Trump just jumped on an opportunity to get face time on TV and in the news.

Having had Roy Cohn as a legal advisor and Roger T. Stone as a political advisor are reasons enough to question his judgment.

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