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Justice and Injustice in the Baltimore Courts


The first major defeat for the prosecutor in Baltimore in the death of Freddie Gray has raised the specter of there being no policemen convicted in Mr. Gray’s murder.

The sad fact is that the prosecutor in Baltimore was attacking the wrong culprits based on a reasonable, but mistaken, theory as to the way in which he died.  The video evidence immediately available, a cell camera view of him being dragged from the scene where he was tackled after a chase-down by a policeman on a bicycle, was on the news.  This video shows that Mr. Gray was incapable of voluntary limb movement and could not support himself when he was first handcuffed and was being dragged to a police van.

What appears to have occurred (and it may take a medical point of view with emergency room experience to see Mr. Gray’s to us obvious paralysis) is that, in the process of being tackled after the policeman rode him down on a bicycle, Mr. Gray’s neck was broken.  The failure of police personnel to realize this for a very long time was contributory negligence but the long ride in the police van wasn’t the cause of his injuries, only an aggravating factor.

The people of Baltimore will not be well served by the prolonged agony of these trials without justice as an end result.  The policemen who were responsible for Freddie Gray’s death will go unpunished and the prosecutor’s office will be damaged.  When will the people receive true justice?

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