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Drumpf Folding Up (Trump appears to be folding up)


The figures have been out for a couple of days, showing Trump only has a million or so in the bank, against Hillary’s 42 million; and the New York Times says that she has ten times the staff that he has.  She has been putting out television ads all month and has $117 million in ads reserved (for from now until Election Day), as compared to Trump’s $700,000 in reservations.  Either Trump is going to buy big in the future, at the last minute, or he’s not going to buy at all.  Donald hasn’t aired a single television commercial since he became the last man standing in the Republican primary race.  Hillary has aired at least $20 million in ads in the last month.

The problem is the lack of financing, apparently, leading to a lack of staff leading to a lack of financing.  All sorts of problems have cropped up– for example, high level campaign managers have been refusing the offer to work for Trump, saying they’re afraid it would hurt their careers– and it doesn’t look as if Trump has anything on tap to work for him.  Except that he has planned a series of speeches slamming Clinton, the first of which he delivered today.

Trump’s strategy is simple: he accuses Clinton of “theft” because she has run a large non-profit organization with her husband for many years and of being a “world-class liar” because she exaggerated the dangers facing her in a visit to Kosovo twenty years ago.  The charges are inflammatory and not backed up with any reasoning or facts.  No-one has been able to audit her non-profit and find “theft” however that is defined.  Whether a non-profit that promotes political or humanitarian causes is inherently or indirectly responsible for theft of services or monies can be debated endlessly.  What resonates is the charges by themselves, as if the evidence were obvious.

Trump is in the same position Romney was in before the Republican convention in 2012: burned out, out of money, and out of energy.  History usually repeats itself, so Trump is very unlikely to win the race for president in November.  We hope.

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  1. 2016-06-23 1:08 AM

    Hillary Clinton will have spent a BILLION dollars in the campaign when all is said and done. Only a politician can blow that much money that fast.


    • 2016-06-23 8:16 AM

      The money that people waste on Christian (and other) religions is obscene– they could be feeding the poor for example. I gather from your name that you’re an evangelical Christian. I strongly disapprove of the kind of behavior that your name applies. Don’t try to evangelise me or any one else on my site or I’ll flame you.


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