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86 year old man shoots his 78 year old wife because she’s in pain and can’t afford medication



According to a report in CNN on Wednesday, a Florida man shot his wife while she slept, then called his children and finally the police.  He was charged with first-degree murder.  He was quoted as saying he did it because she was in pain and they couldn’t afford the medications that she was prescribed.  From CNN, May 18, 2016:

A man in Florida told police he killed his wife because she was in poor health and they could no longer afford the medications necessary for her care, according to an arrest affidavit from the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office.

“Hager stated Carolyn had a lot of illnesses and other ailments which required numerous medications. Hager stated he could no longer afford the medications needed for Carolyn’s care, thus decided to shoot her this morning.”

Here’s a link to the CNN article.  My personal feelings about this incident are commiseration, anger, despair, and a feeling that, but for the grace of G-d, I could be in the same situation.

The last statement on the video in the CNN article was “In many cases, the prescription drug companies will work with people who can’t afford medication.”  I’ve heard that lie so many times.  The company claims that they will help you but they don’t really.  You can’t find a way to contact them that they will respond to.  Write a letter?  Make a phone call?  Don’t kid me.

The opportunistic behavior of the drug companies deserves criminal prosecution but there is nothing an ordinary person can do.  Banding together in a massive group of people who have nothing left to lose and using force on the offending individuals is counterproductive.  There is no single individual responsible; it is a large group of people with positions throughout the drug manufacturing companies from the chief executive officer down to the board of directors and the junior executives, even down to the advertising or “detailing” people who individually buttonhole the doctors who prescribe these drugs.  Even the doctors share responsibility for this massive, sadistic, industry-wide, opportunistic, money-grubbing rip-off.

This is a sickness that pervades the medical services complex, from hospital board rooms down to individual doctor’s offices and across boundaries to presidents, senators, and leaders of all stripes.  It is an American sickness that somehow European Union countries have managed to repel; for reasons I don’t understand, the ripoff of individual patients for copays and deductibles doesn’t exist in Germany, France, or Britain.  Why is it that European citizens are not afflicted by this monetary vampirism of the medical industry?

How long will this go on?  How many people have to commit suicide because they are painted into a corner by medical expenses before action is taken to relieve the common American people from this burden?  Why are Americans being nibbled to death by copays, sales taxes, moving violations, fines and misdemeanors, payday loan companies, credit card scammers, and disability fraudsters?

I give up.  I am in despair over this evil system whose shadow covers every innocent American.


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