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Here’s a few comments (mostly from women) on the New York Times (NYT) article that describes how Donald J. Drumpf (Trump) treats women.  Of course he treats most women as his playthings– subjects of his empire of money.  It seems that a perfect rejoinder to any comments Drumpf cares to make about how Hillary Clinton’s husband treated women is to say that Donald is just like Bill.  It is essential to say that President Clinton treated women as his sexual objects when they appeared to be vulnerable and attractive, just as Drumpf does.  But when Drumpf complains about how Hillary’s husband was a serial philanderer, Hillary should just say, “Well, that was my husband… but now I’m the one who is running for president, and you’re the one who did the mistreating.  That’s the height of hypocrisy and you’re just as bad as he was.”  (Or, as one commenter remarked, she could say, “I married Bill ‘for better or worse’ not ‘until someone hotter comes along.’ “)

Now for the comments (by the way, there were over 3000 comments on the article, close to a record):


NY  May 14, 2016

I am the VP of construction referred to in the article. I wrote a memoir, All Alone on the 68th Floor: How One Woman Changed the Face of Construction, much of which deals with my 14 years on and off with Donald. He gave me a tremendous break putting me in charge of Trump Tower. He said I was a “killer”. He liked having powerful women around him. He treated me with respect initially, but by he end of our relationship, he acted differently, blaming me for something which was out of my control. We parted amiably, but when I saw him randomly after I sent him my book, which I thought he would like, he was very nasty to me. My memories of him are mostly good, because they are based in our Trump Tower years, when Ivana was around and Trump was so accessible. We were almost friends. He took my advice, and Louise Sunshine’s, another “killer”, who was a powerhouse. He hired other strong women in the 1980’s but when I left there was only one woman exec left and she was soon gone. The entire 1980s crew had departed and from that point on, I think Trump stopped hiring people who would take him on and challenge him. He became too famous. Too full of himself. We did a poll in California in 1991 and he had more name recognition than the president, back then. It is a shame what happened, but you can tell from the article, it is predictable. I have no animus toward Trump but is not ready to be president. He has no political experience, and his policies are mostly anti women.

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That was the most recommended comment.  Note that last sentence.   Here’s a paraphrase:  ” I don’t dislike Trump, but he’s not ready to be president: no political experience, and his policies are mostly anti-women.”  That’s why over 90% of women should vote against Drumpf in the final election for president.


oologah OK May 15, 2016

What I find most telling is that this story is all on the record–no unnamed sources. It also shows that he was selective in precisely the way lechers, sexual exploiters and worse behave. Anyone who has covered this kind of behavior–especially when it crosses the line into criminal, which this does not–at least as presented–knows the pattern. I’ve been doing it for four decades and watched the rules change dramatically for what is acceptable sexual/ “romantic”/mysogonistic [sic]/simply joking based on people who work closely together, regardless of gender and without sexual innuendo. Trump apparently hasn’t learned that he’s no longer a 20-something stud in the early ’70s and that such behavior is totally unacceptable when many of the world’s most powerful gigures [sic] in government, business, law, academia, etc. are female. Just more proof he is utterly unfit–and dangerous–as a candidate to be the nation’s commander in chief. Lord help the world should he actually win.
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The point made here is that Drumpf simply hasn’t grown up.  His behavior might have been acceptable when he was in his 20’s and the time was the 1970’s.  It’s not acceptable now.


USA  May 15, 2016

I am a feminist and a Democrat and I passionately oppose Trump’s candidacy for president. That said, I don’t find this article helpful. First, Trump openly expresses the thoughts that other men have but don’t vocalize. They lack Trump’s power and prestige, so they keep these things to themselves. We are not talking about a small percentage either. Look at how many men across the country watch porn. Once again, Trump will score points for saying and doing what other people wish they could. Great.

Second, any woman in America who has gotten involved in a co-ed organization (work, internships, even higher education) has experienced things like this. It’s part of life. Deal with it and do your part to make change, like raising your sons to respect women. I was first propositioned by an older, more powerful man than I when I was 16. Thanks to my father, in whom I confided, I came out unscathed. It was scary and it left an unsettling memory, enough so that I found my heart pounding in anxiety when I unexpectedly passed him on a staircase a few years later (thankfully, he walked right by me without any sign of recognition).

This experience has repeated itself several times since. Each instance made me stronger and more able to fend for myself as a woman. Were the experiences unpleasant, uninvited, and unsettling? Yes. But they are part of life. Sorry, but this article fails to indict Trump for anything other than crude behavior that women encounter every day.

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Sadly, here is the unvarnished truth: “this is crude behavior that women encounter every day.”  Nothing unusual in his behavior, most powerful men do it.


New York, N.Y. May 16, 2016

I just want to point out that Trump lost New York City (with the exception of Staten Island)–his home town. In the neighborhood where he lives he got 7 votes (probably his family members who bothered to register to vote). Hey, people in the rest of the country–why do you think this is? Because we had enough, over decades, of this boorish, ego-maniacal, obtuse, no-nothing letch and, as the writer says, he is nothing more than a wealthy jerk who is conning the gullible.


So he lost the city in which he is best known– New York.

Last, the most insightful comment about his character:

Trixie Wolf

Columbus May 14, 2016

The most striking thing from all of these reports are the incessant signs of deep insecurity. This is why Donald Trump is who and what he is, and why he is successful at most of what he does in spite of tremendous failures: he’s motivated by a need for validation far greater than most of us can imagine.

Oddly enough, I came away from this well-balanced piece with a slightly better impression of how Donald Trump treats women. It’s obvious that he cares about women being successful (at least, those women he associates with). If only he measured their success through a less-sexist lens, his efforts might be laudable.

The fuller the picture I gain of this man, the more it evokes my pity. It is clear that Donald Trump has no insight into his personal biases and how they shape his interactions with other people, and that’s par for the course with prejudiced mindsets. Of course he doesn’t think he stereotypes women: he believes that those stereotypes that he relies upon are in fact a true reflection of reality.

I wonder what will happen when he loses the most prestigious competition in the world to a woman.

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The bottom line: he is a deeply insecure person, extremely sensitive to slights; as some have said, he is “thin-skinned.”  Not presidential material.  We need a calm, unflappable, secure, responsible person who is immune to insults and treats everyone with the same respect and concern.

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