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Mass Shootings in the United States and France: Safe and Unsafe


The country has been host to many near-legendary mass shootings and now an instantly legendary shooting in Paris has happened followed by a bizarrely threatening massacre in San Bernadino by a couple who left a six month old child behind.  The really threatening part about the incident in San Bernadino is the racial origin of the pair who quietly stockpiled the necessary arms and armor and the fact that the husband was a government employee as an inspector of public facilities for five years beforehand.  The fact that both had recently been to Saudi Arabia also casts suspicion on the extremely conservative Muslim religious doctrines practiced there.

There is no reason to doubt that the shooting was a combination of a workplace disagreement (possibly even offensive statements by coworkers) and a Muslim terrorist act.  Terrorism is designed to disrupt the normal functioning of a society and that has happened, at least around the city of San Bernadino.  The ripple effects of this act will spread to incite suspicion of all Muslims, even all Southeast Asian looking people.  That will be the intent of the attack in the first place.

As I have stated in previous posts, this is an ideological war, with Islamist terrorists, some of them using or dependent on amphetamines, against secularist countries, some of whose populations are using or dependent on a wide variety of drugs.  The bottom line, briefly, is Islamist terrorists against secular government.

To win a war, all potential tactics must be considered and used or discarded depending on whether they can contribute to a long term advantage.  There are two main arms to an overall strategy for secular countries: military confrontation and protection, extending into the civilian world; and civilian activities: showing welcome to refugees, contributing to a prosperous and free society, and upholding the secular Constitution (in our case, the Constitution of the United States; the European Union has a different constitution.)

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