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From Mor in California at about 7 pm:

I am sorry but I am not convinced. Saying that the supporters of Da’esh are not real Muslims amounts to the “no true Scotsman” fallacy. They call themselves Muslims. Islam has no central religious authority, so you cannot excommunicate them. The most you can do is to say that your interpretation of Islam differs from theirs, which is of course true. But what DOES mainstream Islam stand for? Platitudes about “religion of peace” go nowhere to explain the profound social and ideological dysfunction in so many majority-Muslim countries of the world. They go nowhere in explaining the prevalence of female genital mutilation, inequality, violence, cultural and technological stagnation, and extreme fundamentalism in the Middle East and beyond. Comparison between majority-Muslim Pakistan where the shooter is from and India is instructive: the two countries have a similar ethnic and racial makeup but different religious compositions. Which one is more democratic, scientifically-minded and (relatively) peaceful? “Islamophobia” is often used as a way to stifle any criticism of Islam. But just as not all political ideologies are the same, not all religions are the same. I accept that the majority of American Muslims are peaceful. This does not answer the question why the religion they profess to follow leads others into terrorism.

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