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ISIS has provoked World War III: a prediction


World War Two began in China and Spain, with the Spanish civil war and the Chinese civil war and Japanese invasion of China in 1931.  Some people argue that the first two world wars were really the same war with a prolonged truce in the middle.

The current world war has begun with the American invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq.  It is now heating up with the creation of ISIS after the Syrian civil war quickly degenerated from a series of lawful public demonstrations by citizens of Syria that were fired upon by Syrian troops to a full-fledged multi-sided civil war with indiscriminate bombing of rebel-held areas and the use of nerve gas.  ISIS apparently began after the leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was held as a low-level civilian prisoner from February to December 2004, and released because he didn’t appear impressively radical.  Most of the leaders of ISIS were also imprisoned at the same time, in Iraq after the US invasion.

al-Baghdadi didn’t become leader of ISIS until the deaths of several predecessors, in 2010.  By then, the US had announced a withdrawal from Iraq but that wasn’t enough for ISIS.  After the US withdrawal left a power vacuum in Iraq, exacerbated by the ineffective civilian administration which should have been prepared by the US for the pull-out, ISIS began to really expand, particularly in the Sunni areas that had always been difficult for the US to control.  This summer, ISIS has asserted itself publicly with its gruesome videos, accompanied by territorial claims in both western Iraq and eastern Syria, limited to waterways and roadways through the brutal deserts of the area.

The US and some allies have responded with air attacks in support of the endangered Iraqi government forces and the Kurdish in their newly independent area financed by oil, who have proved better fighters than the Iraqi troops.  There have been air attacks on ISIS in Syria as well.  A captured Arab pilot was burned to death in his cage in one of the more gruesome videos published by ISIS.

Now ISIS has claimed responsibility for a complex attack in Paris with at least six locations and eight suicide shooters, with at least 128 dead so far.  This is as much a declaration of a state of war as anything, if the Charlie Hebdo attacks were nothing.  There is no question that the attackers were supplied with military weapons such as hand grenades and plastic explosives, so outside help from ISIS for homegrown terrorists is the best explanation for these attacks.  The governments of Europe and the US should view this as much a declaration of war as Pearl Harbor was.

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  1. 2015-11-20 11:16

    A modification of my opinion on the source of the Paris terrorists’ weapons: I have learned that such weapons can be bought in France, in Muslim enclaves. This information came from a commenter to a New York Times story. So the motive, means, and opportunities are right there for any Muslim willing to die for jihad.


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