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Fred Koch Worked for Stalin: Why His Children are so Conservative


It’s true.  Check out the Wikipedia entry.  Fred Koch had developed a new, more efficient, small scale method of cracking crude oil to get gasoline, and he was sued 44 times in the United States by larger oil companies.  Unable to work in the US for several years because of the lawsuits, he was forced to take his new process to the Soviets, who did not recognize intellectual property rights, thus welcomed his new small scale method.  In 1928, he set to work in Russia with a number of committed Bolsheviks who cooperated with him for several years in building fifteen new complexes that used Koch’s new process to refine oil into usable gasoline and diesel, even in tiny backwoods installations.

After several years of working with his Soviet partners, “several” of the Soviet men were caught up in Stalin’s purges and shot or imprisoned.  This was especially rankling to Koch because these were the men he had worked with and knew, and they were all Bolsheviks to a man, loyal to the Party.  Stalin didn’t care.  His paranoid mind engendered an entire secret police agency that condemned innocent and guilty alike.

Koch, however, reacted negatively to the entire purge, as might be expected.  His ire fell upon the entire concept of communism, and socialism as well.  He became a founding member of the John Birch society in 1958 after publishing a pamphlet that described his experiences in Russia and the threat of internal  subversion by Communists who would pretend to be loyal officials of the government until they could take over and declare Soviet rule.  In fact, he saw potential Communist subversion everywhere.  He was part of the successful effort to declare Kansas a “right to work” state, also in 1958.

For those who are unaware of the meaning of “right to work”, it is a clause that makes it impossible for a union to run a “closed shop” in which all workers are required to belong to the union.  The “right to work” laws prohibit the “closed shop” and make belonging to any union voluntary, not required.

The sudden death of Mr. Koch while pheasant hunting (supposedly immediately after shooting down a pheasant) left the Koch brothers with a wealth of indoctrination regarding the Communist threat to the United States and the need to limit government spending and avoid anything smacking of socialism.  There is no need to wonder at how the Koch brothers have developed their attitudes towards government and how easy it is for them to endorse hypocritical views as to government financial assistance.  They have what we would describe as a distorted worldview, remembering that in their minds it is us who have the distorted worldviews.  Their clinical paranoia is directly consistent with their father’s worldview.

It is not surprising that Stalin’s behavior would have affected Fred Koch to such a paranoid extent that, for the rest of his life, he was seeing Communists under his bed.  Unfortunately, his efforts created the sons who are spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year in an attempt to indoctrinate the public with the principles of the Tea Party– near-anarchy except where it comes to women’s rights.  There is a consistent tone to their attacks on President Obama, his health-care plan, and anything associated with the Democratic Party.  Their money and the indoctrination that it has paid for are responsible for the Republican majorities in the House and Senate and the attempts of Tea Party House members to hold the entire economy hostage to their demands.  I don’t think the Kochs believe that their lifestyle would be affected by a government shutdown but I do think they will be surprised at the severity of its effects.

For details on the numerous programs and institutions created by the Kochs to disseminate anti-Democratic propaganda, see the New Yorker article of 2010 describing Koch’s “Kochtopus”.

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