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Who does this look like to you?


I pulled this off of pixabay, credited to reidy68.  It looks awful.  But I couldn’t resist.  Descending to the level of personal insult seems appropriate when you are so frustrated and depressed by the present political administration as well as the alternatives…


All is lost. He who must not be named will be re-elected and the country will descend into civil war– unless the Democrats can get their acts together.


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As the weeks wind down towards the Democratic Convention, it seems that all of the candidates have endorsed radical proposals such as Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, decriminalizing immigration violations, citizenship for Dreamers, and so on.  Not to be outdone, He who must not be named has said the Democrats are endorsing abortion until birth and infanticide after, free medical care for illegal aliens, gun confiscation, raising taxes on the middle class, etc. etc.

I thought the platform that the candidate would run on was supposed to be decided at the Democratic Convention, not during the first debate.  All of the candidates need to dial back their policy proposals just a little.

At the same time, it is clearly necessary for candidates to show sympathy to people laden with student debt working minimum wage jobs, people who are stuck in rural areas with no jobs and no transportation, etc. etc.  That was Clinton’s biggest failing in the last election: her neglect of the suffering people with no voice.  They turned to Him because he claimed that he would do something about their plight.  Clinton should have called him out for lying every time his lips move.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Warren’s detailed policy proposals.  It’s just that untutored morons will be the swing votes in this election, just like every election, and they need to be fed their meat.  Stay away from reparations for slavery, any mention of undocumented immigrants, abortion after the second trimester, and all that stuff.  The rest can wait ’til after Democrats putatively win the election.  Just like Republicans, Democrats need to dissemble a bit about some of those unpopular radical ideas.

Science magazine: To combat climate change, plant a trillion trees


This proposal comes from an article in Science magazine recently that suggests that a billion hectares of forest land would counteract the current global warming effect…

Liu Cixin, author of “The Three-Body Problem”: “…the world around me [becomes] more and more like science fiction, and this process is speeding up.”


Liu Cixin is the author of a powerful science fiction trilogy known by the title of its first part, “The Three Body Problem.”  As a Chinese man living in the People’s Republic of China, he has a fundamentally different viewpoint on democracy and totalitarianism from us.  The Chinese government’s activities are explained in a fundamentally different way.  Read the article in the New Yorker to fill in the details of a viewpoint that is not necessarily correct but that bears evaluation and understanding in order to fully comprehend the giant geopolitical changes that will accompany China’s rise as a large part of the future world.  The novel itself, translated into English, is a tremendously enlightening and exciting experience.  Get it from Amazon.

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Comment of the Day: Democratic leaders need to sell the view of [] as a thief and a liar to the public: they need to wipe out the [] brand. It’s time for some truthful propaganda about his wholesale theft from, and lies to, the American public.


@Ms. Pea Barr misled and took great liberties in interpreting Mueller’s investigation and conclusions. However, The reports provided more than material for mere speculation – they presenting the case for obstruction of justice. Of course the House Judiciary Committee is entitled to see more, and require testimony from any official. However, the obstacle is that those who support Trump and his policies DO NOT CARE that he attempted to obstruct the investigation, and seem indifferent to his gargantuan conflicts of interest, and deliberate pursuit of personal gain as President, which involves Russian interests, past the point where it endangers this country. AS the Dem leaders pursue the information, they have to sell the view of Trump as a thief and liar to the public : they need to wipe out the Trump brand.

It’s time to spread some truthful propaganda about his lies and theft, his corruption and incompetence, his bullying and cowardice.  How about it, Democrats?  Focus on things that even his acolytes care about: his hollow cowardice, the emptiness within his shell of seeming power and control.

[this comment is at least a couple of weeks old… nothing has changed.  This is why I stopped posting.  Nothing changes.   We teeter on the brink of autocracy with a mad dictator for months, years on end and nothing changes.  The alarmed faces seem to spin past us as if we were riding on a carousel that was going out of control but no-one could stop it.  Nothing changes.]

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No monsters here– just little girls walking across a bridge…


This photo is here because the last post had a very ugly picture… I was shocked when I looked at it closely… These are, anyway, the children interned at the border, except they’ve had a bath and clean clothes, and they’ve been released into a green meadow where there’s a pretty little bridge across a brook…  This preys on my mind.  I think, Why can’t they realize that the birth rate in the US is below replacement level and we need new citizens?  I guess if they might be Democratic citizens, they don’t want them.

Actually, a policy that emphasizes federal investment in preschool and primary school quality that really gets kids up to speed on reading, writing, arithmetic, and so on, will pay tremendous dividends in the productivity of later adult citizens right here in this country.

An infusion of young people, with impressionable minds, into invigorated public schools, will contribute to the growth of patriotism as well as a new generation of well-informed people.  There is no need to shove patriotism down people’s throats.  As a federal government, be caring for everyone (even those who didn’t vote for you) and distribute the largess to which the people are entitled by their payment of taxes.  Collect taxes in a fair and progressive way, with adequate funding for auditing of fruitful targets.

Wait– I hear trumpets.  My time has passed. /sarcasm


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Masha Gessen: “…they are not the monsters of our collective historical imagination. They are today’s flesh-and-blood monsters, and this makes them seem somehow less monstrous.”



Masha Gessen, in the New Yorker, explains why it is literally true that we have “concentration camps” to intern refugees right here.  They have been coming to the US border to ask for asylum from unbearable conditions back home in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.  The connotations of “concentration camps” point to Hitler’s Nazi Germany– but, by definition, a concentration camp is a place where you lock up people, without judicial procedure, for indefinite periods under bad conditions. Camps were started to lock up political dissidents, homosexuals, and undesirables of all sorts as soon as Hitler came to power in 1933.  Jews were confined to ghettos but not systematically sent to concentration camps until 1938.  When the “final solution” was formulated, death camps were developed to take care of business– but they were separate from concentration camps.

A “concentration camp” is anywhere you want to confine a group of people whom you want to keep out of the way, whether you just want to confine them or actually exterminate them.  The lockups where ICE keeps people who surrender requesting asylum are as bad as anything you could want from Nazi Germany.  They are massively overcrowded in some cases; in others, children are forced to care for their younger siblings as there is no adult supervision.  They all share the same characteristic: people are locked up for indefinite periods without benefit of judicial process.

The sole purpose of these concentration camps is to keep refugees from being released inside the US; identifications and security checks are purposefully drawn out, tedious, and repetitious, used as an excuse to detain people longer.

The claim is that “the US is full”, but nothing could be further from the truth.  We suffer from a shortage of young, employable people.  We need young immigrants to repopulate areas of this country that have been hollowed out by emigration to the cities.  These hollowed out areas contain many older people and few young people, and they need the young to balance out their economies.

In reality, the US could use exactly the type of people who are flooding over the border: young, educable, employable, and eager to get ahead.  Those who are trying to get in to the US are not here for the welfare; they are here for a second chance at freedom.  These people would take all the jobs that Americans don’t want to take, not just picking fruit but caring for the elderly, cleaning office buildings, and many other things.

The minimum wage should be at least $15, and full unionization with complete paycheck with-holding in fully legal jobs are important too.  The status of all those with “Temporary Protected Status” should be made permanent, and people who were brought in as children should have regularized status as well.  There is no excuse for not providing a clear path to citizenship for such people.

The Republicans will of course oppose any such plan under the assumption that more citizens means more Democratic votes, but that is self-defeating.  It means that in order to carry such plans through, it will be necessary for Democrats to control the presidency, the House, and the Senate– and do something about the Supreme Court’s position.  The Supreme Court could make up reasons to declare the necessary laws unconstitutional, somewhat in the way that Roosevelt was stymied by the Court during the rollout of his New Deal.

So, a radical notion but one that kills two birds with one stone: eliminate the concentration camps of refugees and infuse young, employable people into our country to balance out our aging population (and build up the Social Security trust fund.)  From the monthly numbers of refugees detained by ICE, it appears that at least a million people a year are trying to immigrate into the US from Central America.  Who knows how many people from India and Africa would come here given the chance?

[By the way, there is a climate-change association with all this: the forced emigration of people away from hotter areas of the world near the equator towards more northern climes.  Climate change makes this inevitable, but human perversity makes it more painful than is necessary.]

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