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Ned Price: “For decades, the Soviets and Russians have denigrated our intelligence professionals, attempting to delegitimize US intelligence in the process; now our adversaries have a helper who sits in the Oval Office.”


Again, as read in the Business Insider, not a notably liberal source of information…

Also, “two intelligence officers told TIME that they had been warned not to give the president intelligence assessments that contradict his public stances.”  And finally, another serving intelligence officer compared Him to a three-year-old throwing a temper tantrum– the difference being that He has the “nuclear button.”


Anonymous FBI agent: “He’s doing the enemy’s job for them.”


As told to the Business Insider (sorry, I couldn’t get a link.)

Sarah Sanders: “I think God wanted [He who must not be named] to be president. That’s why he’s there.” (No, I think actually it was Satan who wanted this to happen.)


No, I think that actually it was Satan who wanted him to be president.

Republican House members, in last ditch effort to delay Mueller Russia probe and indictment of the President’s son, refuse to seat their picks for House Intelligence Committee


The newly-minority Republican members of the House are supposed to seat their picks for the House Intelligence Committee so that it can begin business.  The Democrats had theirs, and staff ready to go on January 3, when the House supposedly opened to a partially shuttered government.  In move calculated to delay a certain specific bit of Intelligence Committee business, the Republican leadership hasn’t assigned any Republican members yet.  They said they’d be ready last week.  Then the government reopened, and they still aren’t ready.

Update 1:40 PM: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced the Republican members of the Intelligence Committee on the House floor Wednesday.  Representative John Ratcliffe of Texas will join the committee, but the other Republican members remain the same.  This is two weeks after the Democratic representatives were seated, with four new members.  The Committee will now be able to formally meet and respond to Special Counsel Mueller’s request for certified copies of the testimonies in question.  With these copies, Mueller will be able to charge the individuals involved with lying to Congress…

McCarthy claimed that the delay was the Democrat’s fault and had a long explanation.  The rules for deciding who gets to sit on which committee are complex and involve term limits, to which two of the Republicans were subject.  One received a waiver to remain on the committee, the other did not.

The committee did actually conduct some business today, holding an intelligence community briefing.  POLITICO reported that Devin Nunes was invited to attend but did not show up.

The specific bit of business in hand is the provision of certified copies of the testimony of certain people very close to He who must not be named: his son Donald Jr., Jared Kushner, and a couple of other higher ups in the administration from Hell.

Donald Jr., in particular, is a sore spot for He who must not be named, because within minutes of Senator Blumenthal’s comment that Donald Jr.’s testimony was suspect, He tweeted his favorite insults about “Da Nang Dick” as He calls the poor fellow.  It seems that Senator Blumenthal once made the mistake of claiming that he actually served in Vietnam rather than stateside, with a Marine Corps reserve unit.  This was in 2008.  By His standards, then, He who has lied 8,000 times in the last two years should be cleaning lavatories rather than be President of the United States.

This is beside the point.  We all know that He who must not be named is a billionaire (or do we?) and therefore deserves anything he desires, while Senator Blumenthal is merely a multimillionaire and must bob for his apples (a cute expression, no?)

All sarcasm aside, damage that may take hundreds of years to repair is being done to our country.  I refer especially to Joshua Tree National Monument, where, during the government shutdown, Parks security forces were furloughed, and vandals did massive damage to some of the oldest Joshua trees in the Monument.  An expert predicted that the trees would take two to three hundred years to recover.

Strategic planning is therefore in order.  In addition to direct resistance to His plans, we must maneuver the next election to become a Democratic blowout of all three parts of democratic government: the House, the Senate, and the Presidency.  This can be done in this environment by attaching massive scandals to the Republican Party and all its members– except those who defect and vote Democratic.  The best scandal of all, naturally, revolves around the Oval Office, and Republicans who cozy up to Him should be warned that they are not safe.

To maximize the scandal’s impact, it must be ongoing during election season: the three months before November 6, 2020.  Therefore, impeaching and removing the President (and the Vice-President) should be delayed until then, if it is even possible.  The best thing would be for the House Select Committee to announce that it had voted for impeachment in the summer or fall of 2020.  Unfortunately for our country, He will continue to do damage until the moment he is removed from office, and leaving Pence in charge would only do further damage.

Is there advertising on my blog site? And if so, can anyone tell me what they have seen here? I can’t see it.


I posted this in 2013 also, and got no responses.  On further reflection, it occurs to me that the ads may be individually targeted, and different for each reader of this blog.  Now that I have a few followers, maybe I’ll get a response.  Have you seen any ads when you read my blog?  If so, what ads have you seen?

I have just recently become fully aware (yes, I was asleep at the switch) of advertising policy.   When you read it, you realize that it is only fair that they run ads on my site because I’m too cheap to upgrade to the no ad version.  And by cheap, I mean really cheap… it was eighteen dollars a year, which is less than a quarter of what I pay for my New Yorker subscription… so go figure.  The problem for me, and I emphasize that this is my *only* problem with the advertising policy, is that I can’t see what the ads will be beforehand because they are tailored to the user’s preferences and thus could be different for different people.

I think that the advertising makes perfect sense, because it’s not intrusive (I think–but maybe it looks different on the receiving end?) and Google made a ton of money that way.  It’s all in the clicks.  If it is tailored to produce twenty or thirty bucks a year on clicks, on the average, then the ads could be very intrusive indeed… considering only three people ever read anything I write here.  I’m guessing the ads don’t make up more than ninety five percent of the screen.  If you consider this a problem, feel free to drop me a comment, and I will commiserate with you but probably do nothing about it.

The chances of my upgrading are slim at the moment.  But we shall see, perhaps if I can insert a few photographs.

Roger Stone in 1985: “Someday [He] will be president.” Roger Stone is the evil genius who pushed Him all the way to the presidency.


Roger Stone has been friends with He who must not be named for nearly 40 years.  He began as a lobbyist for Him in the early 1980’s, after he had supported Goldwater as a student and worked for Nixon’s Committee to Re-elect the President in 1972.  Roger Stone is a self-described “dirty trickster.”  Most of the details are laid out in Wikipedia for everyone to see.

Apparently it is true that Roger Stone said, in 1985, “[He] will be president some day.”

Comment of the Day: Wash Post commenter “Dave Longtin” schools us on the history of He who must not be named; He will start a civil war if he loses the 2020 election.



From Washington Post reader and commenter “Dave Longtin”:

@smeener As a conservative Democratic Party mega-donor, I know that Trump will not get impeached. Doing so would only ensure the Donald’s 2020 re-election, as sports and political statistician Nate Silver has warned. In 1869, after the American Civil War, President Andrew Johnson, a Southern sympathizer, essentially tried to let England off the hook for supplying warships to the Confederacy by forming an Anglo-American commission to study the issue, a move that Congress overwhelmingly rejected. Does that seem at all similar to Putin’s disingenuous offer to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation? In 1872, Britain finally agreed to compensate the United States for its illegal aid to the South during the conflict. Trump’s obsequious posture toward Putin truly shocks the entire planet, but it is not unprecedented in the long scope of American history. In no way am I excusing Trump, yet observers should use caution when claiming that anything the Donald has done is novel. He is not that clever –  Nixon committed many of the same crimes as Trump, including secretly conspiring with the South Vietnamese regime to scuttle peace talks, handing Nixon a narrow win in 1968 over Democrat Hubert Humphrey. Instead of ending the conflict as he promised, Nixon expanded the war, secretly bombing Cambodia and unwittingly helping the genocidal Khmer Rouge to seize Phenom Penh, a regime that murdered two million of its own citizens – The Kremlin expected Trump to lose in 2016. It was FBI Director James Comey’s second 28 October 2016 letter to Congress, implying to careless listeners that Hillary Clinton had somehow broken the law with her private email server that boosted Trump the most – Comey regrets it now.

next post:

@getarake Yes, unfortunately, it is true. Nevada Democratic Congresswoman Susie Lee (NV – CD 3) told me that the Donald will not get impeached. I lose sleep worrying about what Trump will do next. The GOP tax law, the Donald’s tariffs, his incoherence, and his government shutdown are destroying this country in ways you can hardly imagine. If the government remains closed throughout 2019, we will gradually lose the ability to practice modern medicine over the next forty or fifty years. Unlike other pharmaceuticals, antibiotics are not profitable, in part because they are the sole class of drugs that lose effectiveness the more they get used. They also are the only pharmaceuticals that actually cure people – when they work. Most other medicines simply manage chronic conditions. Humanity will survive antimicrobial resistance, but it won’t live well. Far from I having a vested interest in solving this issue, I have spent thousands of dollars trying to fix the moribund antibiotics pipeline, with the assistance of retired infectious diseases expert David M. Shlaes, who is one of the last people on Earth with the knowledge to make usable antibiotics. During Dr. Shlaes’ more than three-decade career, he helped to shepherd several broad-spectrum antibiotics with novel mechanisms of action to market, including tigecycline, avibactam, and eravacycline. Another promising antimicrobial agent in which Dr. Shlaes played a part was lefamulin, but that has not yet been FDA-approved, and might become more collateral damage of the shutdown. Any conflicts of interest that Dr. Shlaes had have now been eliminated, because he is retired and spends much of his free time relaxing with his precious horse. There is a dirt-cheap legislative solution to this global tragedy, but it won’t happen if this standoff continues much longer. Read Dr. Shlaes’ latest two blog posts, if you want to panic like me. Dr. Shlaes has lost all hope –

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@LarrySP No, I don’t read Chomsky. Trump can’t simply rule by decree, because he is hemorrhaging support within the U.S. Armed Forces. This survey was taken before Trump fired the wildly popular Jim Mattis two months early, before the Donald point-blank lied to our troops about a pay increase they never received, and before he used them as stage props on the Mexican border, a mission they despised as a gratuitous political stunt  – As Ted Koppel writes, Trump will incite his followers to violence if he loses the 2020 election – Regardless of political affiliation, the more educated you are, the less likely you are to back the Donald. In most states, the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Trump in 2016. Cops are blue collar workers, typically without much formal education, and probably would fight for Trump. Far-right militias already have acquired undetectable and untraceable weapons, capable of killing thousands of civilians at once – Welcome to my personal Hell, scared silly over events that I alone can’t stop.

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@LarrySP Congress already has prohibited Trump from withdrawing American troops from South Korea – Legal scholars have concluded that Trump could unilaterally pull the United States out of the 70-year-old North Atlantic Treaty Organization, against the will of the American people and the Armed Forces itself – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell opposes Trump on this issue – year, the Senate passed a non-binding measure to thwart the Donald by a 97 to 2 margin, with only Kentucky’s Raul Paul and Utah’s Mike Lee actively opposing it. Virginia Democratic Senator Tim Kaine has introduced a new legally binding bipartisan bill to prevent Trump from doing so, with the blessing of Cory Gardner (R-CO), Jack Reed (D-RI), Lindsey Graham, (R-SC), Chris Coons (D-DE), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), and Susan Collins (R-ME). Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Mendendez, another cosponsor, may go to prison soon. After initially dropping the corruption charges against Senator Mendendez, the Donald’s Justice Department has reinstated them –  I am desperately contacting Democratic Senators, urging them to support Tim Kaine’s putative pro-Atlantic Alliance law –

next post:

@LarrySP Actually, I have no clue where Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stands on NATO. He has supported the Alliance in the past, but also trusts that the Donald will not pull out –

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@Critical Rationalist The Mueller report might get buried, if Trump has his way. You might not appreciate that legal constraints under which that investigation operates, now that the independent counsel statute no longer exists – Because Trump’s people answer no subpoenas voluntarily, these legal experts warn that House Democrats would have to incarcerate those closest to the Donald, destabilizing society – Multiple House members have assured me that they won’t physically detain anyone, because of the fierce backlash that would result. The best course is to let the Democratic Attorneys General of Maryland and the District of Columbia expose the Donald’s shady business deals, because Brian Frosh and Karl Racine can imprison all sorts of recalcitrant folks. On Brian Frosh’s advice, I have donated to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), who are acting in tandem with Frosh and Racine – No President or Vice President has ever spent a single day in jail, no matter how illicit their activities have been. The greatest threat to Trump are all of the state-based civil lawsuits he faces that no president can pardon. New York State’s Democratic Attorney Letitia James seeks not to imprison the Donald, but to ensure that he dies in poverty, a fate worse than any jail, since he cares about nothing except his money –

older post:

@BLACKCAT66 At times like these, humor sometimes helps. Watch Trump stand in the middle of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and shoot himself in the foot over the government shutdown – Expecting heavy Russian interference in the 2018 midterm elections, I gave some Democrats too much help, even though the Kremlin did not meddle very much last year. Putin might save his best bolt for 2020, but by then, I hope that most Americans don’t fall for it – The longer the government shutdown continues, the more society will crumble around us –

21 hr ago:

@Critical Rationalist Sure, House Democrats will invite Bob Mueller to testify, but Trump’s followers don’t seem to mind that the Donald conspired with Putin – And you seriously believe that Trump is the first American politician to threaten the Constitution and the rule of law? On 10 October 1798, President John Adams imprisoned popular Vermont Congressman Matthew Lyon merely for supporting Adams’ rival Thomas Jefferson – Kindly read this Op-ed piece in The New York Times. Liberals demonized their opponents as racists, fascists, and even Nazis far too much – If we Democrats aren’t careful, the next autocratic figure could emerge from within our Party. Taking office in 1928, Louisiana Governor Huey Long was a Democrat. He also was a quasi-fascist and a Bernie Sanders-type dictator on steroids. He was not a racist, because he took on the Ku Klux Klan, that actually was a brave thing to do at the time. He wanted to help African-Americans under his regime. But he guaranteed every Louisianan a minimum annual income of $5,000, an impossibly high sum in that era. Initially, he supported President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal program, but came to believe that the New Deal did not go far enough. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1932, but retained his ironclad grip on Louisiana politics through his surrogates and a compliant State legislature until his assassination in 1935 – I could go on citing American historical precedents, but they just seem to bounce off of you. At least two potential Democratic presidential candidates have autocratic tendencies, Michael Bloomberg and Oprah Winfrey.

still 21 hr ago:

@Critical Rationalist Michael Bloomberg agrees with Trump about stop and frisk police tactics – And Oprah Winfrey has a reputation as a “benevolent dictator,” because she runs her business enterprises that way – She also spouts a lot of dangerous pseudoscientific nonsense – Although Oprah has said that running for the Oval Office is not in her DNA, that could be false modesty. Should she ever change her mind, Oprah’s public approval rating is sky-high –

23 hr ago:

@guiwhiz You overestimate my importance. I gave to centrist and conservative elements within the Democratic Party last year, only because I thought that other Americans shared my basic worldview. Kirsten Gillibrand, who used to be one of the most conservative House Democrats when she represented a red district in upstate New York, has transformed herself into the single most liberal member of the Senate, voting with Trump only 11.4% of the time. She has gone through contortions, trying to explain away her vast ideological shift. By contrast, Arizona’s Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema was once a “Prada Socialist,” as she now calls her former self. Unlike Gillibrand, Ms. Sinema does not disavow her progressivist past. In 2003, she simply decided that she was too liberal to win elections in purple Arizona, and changed to appeal to her constituents. She now votes with Trump 60% of the time. She could not have narrowly defeated Martha McSally, who votes with Trump a whopping 96% of the time with Gillibrand’s current leftist record – Unlike Trump, I alone cannot fix it. One individual can alter some policy specifics, but the grand course of history is shaped by impersonal factors, however uninspiring that truth may be. Arrogant Democratic mega donor George Soros, with a personal fortune of $8 billion, had a massive civil-society organization that had been operating in his native Hungary since 1984. That’s right, the Soviet-backed Communist regime invited his staff to come. But his group recently announced that it was fleeing his homeland of less than ten million people, after failing to prevent Hungary from becoming an “illiberal democracy” –

23 hr ago:

@guiwhiz You seem not to realize that Florida’s GOP has tried mightily to stop ex-felons from exercising their newly won right to vote – Tallahassee Republicans aren’t just thwarting the people’s will, they also are endangering society by increasing the recidivism rate among disgruntled ex-felons who mistakenly thought that they had gained the ability to cast ballots. After donating a small fortune to the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, the only bipartisan organization pushing for a “Yes” on that referendum, I have again contributed substantially to the Florida Chapter of the ACLU, who is trying to fix this bloody mess –