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Anonymous official on capturing Syrian oilfields for [redacted]: “This is like feeding a baby its medicine in yogurt or applesauce”


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This comes from the Washington Post, in an article on Syria and the reinforcement of Syrian oilfields in the northeast of the country.  These fields happen to be small and of poor quality, but their very presence attracted him when he was offered the option of securing them with a few troops not withdrawn from the country.  Trouble is, the only way to secure the oilfields is with armored units, meaning more than a couple of hundred troops will be needed for this mission.  This is the military’s only option, under [redacted]’s short vision, to keep a few troops in Syria.  Bradleys would probably be under-armored to face a Russian forced armed with Javelin-like weapons, so it looks like main battle tanks are the only viable option.  Just kidding.  Bradleys will be used as a sacrificial pawn.

Dimitrios Vastakis (former senior cybersecurity director at OCISO): “I foresee the White House is posturing itself to be electronically compromised again.”


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This disturbing prediction comes from a senior cybersecurity director for the White House, in the office called OCISO (created in 2014 in response to the discovery that the Russians had penetrated or breached White House computers).  This article is in an online journal called Futurism that refers to an article in Axios.  That journal refers to an exclusive look at an internal memo on cybersecurity from which that quote is referenced in the first paragraph.  So if you read the Axios article, you’ll find that at least a dozen high-level officials in cybersecurity have resigned or been forced out of their positions and the entire OCISO has been subsumed into the “Office of the Chief Information Officer” which is just legalese for the publicity department.  The axe has fallen heavily, under the excuse of saving money by streamlining operations.  As a result, morale in cybersecurity is extremely low, it has been rendered much less effective at defending against Russian incursions, and the whole staff is subordinated to a politically appointed director whose priority is publicity, not national defense.

Need we say more about how the White House has been destroying government from inside ever since the Inauguration?

William B. Taylor Jr. (Ambassador to Ukraine): It is “crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign” (a short essay on political craziness)


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Ambassador Taylor just happens to be testifying before the House, behind closed doors, today.  We hope that he will say something revealing, although he has already said what needs to be said: [redacted] is “crazy” and is living in a dream world.  He believes that the CIA tried to keep him from being elected with an elaborate plot that involved entrapping George Papadopolous with a double agent and somehow faking the contents of the DNC’s computer servers, then shipping the lot to Ukraine.

He believes that the Russian interference to help him get elected was a fake engineered by the Ukrainians because he doesn’t want to accept that he had help getting elected– he wants to think he did it all on his own.  Apparently.  But isn’t that crazy?  Maybe there’s a more sane reason.  He has to know that he (or someone high in his team) tasked Manafort to get the Russians data they needed to focus their online influence efforts.

Manafort delivered secret detailed polling data on key battleground states to the Russians, as requested.   The Russians then targeted key swing districts, saving them money and increasing their influence.  [redacted] has to know that this constitutes a criminal conspiracy, a real one, not just a theory.  So he’s spinning crazy conspiracy theories to hide his guilt.

Now the Attorney General and his minions, along with Rudy Giuliani and his squad, are combing the world for clues that will somehow back up this insane conspiracy theory.  All of the CIA’s agents who could have anything to do with this charade are being interviewed, although there is some question as to who is not being interrogated.

The Hillary Clinton email investigation has finally run its course, with every secret email run to ground and accounted for (and no hacking of her private server was detected).  Paranoia is notoriously narrow-minded, and now intense attention has shifted to trying to get something on John Brennan (who was CIA director under Obama) and other Obama troops.

Brennan, who has not stinted in his criticism of [redacted], is an especial target for personal reasons.  Unaccountably, his criticisms have stung more than those of other people, although he has been saying the same things: [redacted] is not fit for office because he has a character disorder called malignant narcissism, with sociopathy; and besides, his judgement is clearly impaired.  Maybe Brennan has the authority to make people believe he’s telling the truth and that makes him dangerous.

I don’t know why [redacted] hasn’t come after me, because I’ve been baiting him for years.  I have the authority and experience to make judgements about whether someone is a malignant narcissist and a sociopath because I’m a doctor and I’ve seen many patients like him.  I never lie, and I’ve never had a good word to say about him.  Actually, I do know why he ignores me.  I’m not important because I’m poor.  If I were rich or had a high position, like head of the CIA, then maybe he’d care what I had to say.

This is the Time We were warned about: [redacted] Fatigue


“[redacted] derangement syndrome” leads to “[redacted] fatigue.”

Jia Tollentino, the New Yorker:

Specifically, I feared that the [redacted] era would bring a surfeit of bad news, and that I would compartmentalize this bad news in order to remain functional, and that this attempt to remain functional would itself be so demoralizing that it would contribute to the despair and distraction that allowed all this bad news to occur.

   …consider how hard it is to understand right away that you’ve been exhausted into submission, especially when submission and endurance feel inextricable. It’s reminded me of how high I’ve let my own hideosity bar get lately, and also of the fact that no one can lower it again but me.

Kargos Dargala (Iraqi Kurd, US citizen, combat veteran with multiple Purple Hearts): “The path the president is on is a very destructive [one]”


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This quote and the backup information come courtesy of Reuters, in a post dated October 21, 2019 at 6:54 AM EDT.

One factor which has not been emphasized enough yet is that this move into Syria by Turkey represents a big win for the Russians.  The Kurds, fearful of massacre after the withdrawal of American troops, quickly negotiated a deal with Bashar al-Assad and the Russians to bring heavy troops into the front-line areas facing Turkey.  The Russians immediately occupied some positions that the Americans had just left.

This is the proof positive: the US is yielding field positions to the Russians, contrary to our stated mission of advancing or at least maintaining American influence against Russia.  [redacted]’s policy of retreat has given the Russians tremendous tactical victories, far greater than those the Obama administration allowed.

These moves show clearly that [redacted] is working hand in glove with Vladimir Putin of Russia.  Hillary once again claimed that Putin has kompromat on the American *president, but it’s possible that his mind is so twisted that he really believes that what he’s doing is right, even without Putin having a hand over him.

Even the present Ukraine scandal is tainted with Russian influence: rumor has it that Russian cut-outs and oligarchs plus Russian-allied Ukrainian oligarchs were willing and possibly able to supply disinformation to Rudy Giuliani and his friends.  None of the information that has come out of Ukraine is demonstrably false right now, but who knows what conspiracy theories lurk behind the scenes only to arise later in the campaign season, when they could have more impact.  The entire theory that “the DNC server” (there were actually some 400 servers that shared DNC data) is physically located in Ukraine may have come courtesy of the Russians.

With luck, the Ukraine scandal will lead to a quick impeachment.  The  House lawsuit to reveal eight years of his financial statements from his accountant has made an appeals court decision, meaning the Supreme Court will be next to consider it.  How long that takes depends on how much the White House can delay it.  Revelations from the financial statements will almost certainly fan the flames of impeachment and are almost worth waiting for, now that the Doral golf course clause of the House’s bill of impeachment has been forestalled.

Dareen Khalifa, senior Syria analyst for International Crisis Group via WP: “This is a battle the Syrian Democratic Forces would surely lose. The flat typography [sic] favors conventional warfare.”


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Indeed, the typography is too flat and favors conventional warfare… I know they mean topography, but it still sounds ironic.  The Turks have conducted airstrikes and artillery bombardment on sites in Kurdish-held Syria near the Turkish border.  The Kurds are firing back but there doesn’t appear to be any organized opposition.  Likely they are simply providing cover fire for the withdrawal of the rest of the Kurdish troops.  The American soldiers in the area are probably supporting the Kurds from the rear– all the Presidential order has done is to remove American troops from harm’s way.

The right thing to do would have been to use the threat of American sanctions to talk Erdogan out of invading Syria, but our *president has 119 active business interests in Turkey, including the [redacted] Tower in Istanbul, making it difficult for him to threaten economic sanctions when his own businesses would be affected.

[redacted]: “if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey…”


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Sometimes just repeating the words he says make it clear that he is delusional and malignantly narcissistic as well as just completely insane.

What’s worse, he expects the Kurds to be reassured by this statement.