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Irrigation Pumps Behind A Razor-Wire Fence


Special Prosecutor Mueller is Examining Money Laundering


From the NYT today:

A former senior official said Mr. Mueller’s investigation was looking at money laundering by Trump associates. The suspicion is that any cooperation with Russian officials would likely have been done in exchange for some kind of financial payoff, and there would have been an effort to hide the payoffs, most likely by routing them through offshore banking centers.

As the trolls fighting Don the Con’s fall are saying: “There’s no There there.”  Well, the reason we haven’t found the There is that people are trying to hide their complicity in this Russia-Trump collusion.  You can’t seriously make us think that we haven’t found the There in six months of investigation because it isn’t there– it’s just hidden, carefully disguised as transactions like the estate that Don the Con sold to a Russian cut-out for an enormous profit (tens of millions of dollars) back in 2008, at the same time that other real estate prices were tanking because of the Great Recession.  Remember that Don really stepped up his friendly talk about Vlad “the Impaler” Putin back in 2007; this has been going on for a very long time.  In fact, the Russians have been cultivating Don the Con ever since American banks stopped lending to him back in the nineties.  They saw then an opportunity to tie Don financially to their coat-tails, and he has been on their payroll ever since.  This treason has been going on for a very long time.

Lie of the Day: “We Never Interfere” Says Vladimir Putin


From an NYT article about an interview that Oliver Stone did in February 2016 of Vlad “the Impaler” Putin:

“We never interfere within the domestic affairs of other countries,” Mr. Putin says.

Quote of the Day: Anxiety is Normal


From the NYT, in an article about Sarah Feder entitled “Prozac Nation is Now United States of Xanax”:

“If you’re a human being living in 2017 and you’re not anxious… there’s something wrong with you.”

News For You, Buddy: The “Left” Isn’t Controlled By Anybody


From a New York Times article about the resurgence of left-wing political activism among “communities of faith” and even “evangelicals”:

“The fact that one party has strategically used and abused religion, while the other has had a habitually allergic and negative response to religion per se, puts our side in a more difficult position in regard to political influence,” said the Rev. Jim Wallis, the evangelical social justice advocate who founded the Sojourners community and magazine in 1971.

“Most progressive religious leaders I talk to, almost all of them, feel dissed by the left,” he said. “The left is really controlled by a lot of secular fundamentalists.”

I have some bad news for Reverend Wallis: the “Left” isn’t controlled by anybody.  There is no “Left” per se.  There is a “Right” called “The Moral Majority” and led by Don the Con.  But there is no one politician, nor any one group, that can claim possession of the soul of the “Left.”  Even the Democratic Party doesn’t have the allegiance of left-wingers.  They wanted Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton, remember?

So if I wanted to say that a true Left-wing position includes religious people who are willing to tolerate other faiths and even atheists/agnostics, no one could say that I am wrong.  Because no-one has the moral authority to claim that exclusion of anyone who wants to be included is right.  So there.

Comment of the Day: Don the Con, A Russian Stooge, Destroys Democracy


Woody Packard

Lewiston, Idaho

I am a patient person, and willing to wait to see how this all sorts out. But the longer we wait, the more normal it all seems. Regardless of who you voted for, please take a look at Linda Greenhouse’s article today. Stop parsing as a lawyer or judge, use and trust your instincts as a smart and concerned citizen. (By all means be open for new information, which is certainly possible.) But,
1. Who won the election, even without the majority of voters voting for him?
2. Who, by all credible accounts, was helped by the efforts of the Russians?
3. Who, even on the day that he fired Comey, has had a jolly relationship with those who helped him in the elections?
4. Who has had on staff those with a continuous relationship for many years with Russians at the top level of their country’s intelligence agencies.[?]

Perhaps there is a good explanation, and I am willing to wait for it. In the mean time, please, members of Congress, don’t try to convince us that there is nothing that needs investigating here.

This is new territory. If a presidential campaign cheats to get in office, does the vice president from the cheating party take over? Does a Supreme Court justice, denied to a legitimately elected president but appointed by a cheating President, retain a lifetime appointment?

Can we, citizens of the United States, agree what a democracy is?

Milky Way Found to be In a Void



Astronomers have discovered that the Milky Way Galaxy is sitting in a huge void, a relatively empty area of the Universe that is roughly a billion light years in radius.  This void, which has been christened the Keenan-Barger-Cowie (KBC) void, is apparently the largest empty area in the visible Universe.  The Milky Way is sitting in the middle of a huge empty spot instead of among the “normal” filaments of matter that make up the Swiss-cheese like consistency of the rest of the Universe.

This observation explains the discrepancy between measurements of the Hubble constant taken by observing “standard candle” stars locally and the measurement found in the Cosmic Wave Background.  Local “standard candles” are influenced by the unbalanced gravity of matter outside of the local void area, while the cosmic microwave background is not biased by the presence of the void.  This explanation for the discrepancy makes astronomers feel much better about their measurements of the Hubble constant.

All this is explained in a blog post on the wonderful blog The Universe Today ( entitled “At the Largest Scales, Our Milky Way Galaxy is in the Middle of Nowhere.”