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If you think we’re in trouble now, read this: drone of unspecified origin shot down over Taiwanese-owned island by Taiwanese defense forces after repeatedly buzzing the island


Taiwan’s defences shot down a drone over a Taiwan-owned island after it ignored several warnings and repeatedly buzzed the island. The drone’s origin has not been specified by either the Taiwanese or Chinese governments.

We suspect that the drone’s controllers were of Chinese origin, but it doesn’t matter: this is one of the earliest examples of shooting in the brewing Taiwan-China war.

A two-front war analogous to World War Two would severely tax America’s resources. Asia now has vastly more technological and production resources than ever it did in the second world war, which ended in a peace overwhelmingly in American and Soviet victory, with the English suffering the second after the French and Dutch the first, not counting Poland and Czechoslovakia, which were not war but armed seizures after a treaty agreed upon by two aggressive, fascistic, and militaristic countries.

I could go on, but the point is, the second world war never ended anything because it allowed for fascist countries like the Soviets and Spain to prevail.

Now the two biggest fascist countries in the world (I think) are China and Russia. Open conflict between us and them is more a certainty than a likelihood, in my humble opinion. We’d better define the lines of conflict between nations: which side are you on? Two Scandinavian countries have already answered in the affirmative by applying for NATO membership.

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