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The former guy says that, if he is indicted, the protests will make January 6 “look small by comparison.” Nice country you got there– shame if somebody should burn it down. This is Mafia-talk for overt extortion.


I think I’m going to throw up. I am so disgusted by the mob mentality, criminality and sheer chutzpah of this guy. He’s basically extorting the Department of Justice to get out of a felony: removal, concealment, and/or destruction of presidential papers, plus multiple counts of obstruction– of which he is so guilty, I, as a non-lawyer, could probably prosecute him successfully. He was caught red-handed with classified documents in his personal desk on August 8 of this year.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a quote from an email that the Atlantic sent me: “According to Rolling Stone, he’s also told numerous people that should he be indicted, the protests would make January 6 “look small by comparison.” Which is pretty chilling, given, y’know, what happened on January 6.”

All I would have to do is call an FBI agent as my only witness: “Did you search the personal desk of #45 pursuant to this search warrant?” “Yes I did.” “What did you find in the desk?” “These documents, and an empty can of Diet Coke.” “Would you hold them up please?” He does so. “Ladies and gentleman of the jury, you can plainly see that these documents have cover sheets marked Top Secret. I’m sorry that I can’t show you the actual documents until you get a security clearance, which could take three months. In the meantime, I rest my case.”

Should take about an hour, including lunch, to come back with a verdict of “guilty.”

Then there’s Senator Graham, who said there’d be “rioting in the streets.” He’s not wrong, but jeez, is that fully disgusting or what? Go ahead, riot all you want, we’ll pick you up later after going through the security camera footage and using Face Identification.

If we have to try 40% of the adult population of this country for insurrection, then we’ll just have to gird up our loins and do our duty. Plea bargain for probation works for me, but remember, to accept a guilty plea, the judge will make you get up in open court and admit that you did it and you knew it was against the law at the time. Otherwise, it’s a month in jail even if you plead no contest.

Remember, “none dare call it treason” in the mainstream media. But I digress. You can read between the lines, can’t you? Anyone with a high-school education that included a class on ethical behavior can see the crimes he’s committed all his life. The Russians were cultivating him as a “useful idiot” since 2007, but the real criming started when he ran for president.

He denied having any business in Russia when he still had an open line on the Trump Tower of Moscow. His campaign manager gave confidential inside campaign information like opinion polls to a known Russian agent. His son had a meeting with known Russian operatives during the campaign and didn’t report it to the FBI. He allowed the Russians to spread anti-Clinton propaganda on Facebook and didn’t even condemn it.

He spilled a secret he had learned from the Israelis to Russian official visitors in the Oval Office– intelligence that forced the Israelis to recover one of their own moles. He never, ever, said or did anything to cross Putin– in fact, he tried to break up NATO. He’s a traitor.

Even worse, he approved of the invasion of Ukraine. Look it up, I’m too disgusted to spend another second on this bum. Just Google “Trump opinion Russian invasion Ukraine” and you’ll get things like this WSJ headline: “Trump Calls Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine Smart, Blames Biden for Not Doing Enough”.

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