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A message from the writer


I have gotten sick and tired of supplying random tidbits of information about the continuing pandemic. I will satisfy myself by saying that it will probably never end, just gradually get worse and different. I have to say that I tried to pick and choose the most significant items, and to some extent succeeded– but other people are spending more time and getting more views on this subject, and I don’t see myself putting in that much effort when I can see the broad picture already, and my predictions generally are pretty conservative.

I have received some frightening comments since April, such as “great blog you have there, Conrad.” and the like. Nothing specific or unsubtle, just a tingle up the spine. Actually, they are readily explainable by either someone who wishes me well ( a happy birthday sort of message) and bots loading to my site from wordpress itself to encourage me to write again.

Two possibilities concern me. One, that the site has been hacked by a malicious operator. Two, that performance has degraded for an unknown reason.

Neither of these is of life threatening concern. I encourage anyone who happens to come upon this site to comment; I only ask that you be as prolix (write as much) as possible, and as original as possible. Two sentences minimum, no obvious messages, and no congratulations or queries about my health. Please. I’m not going to approve a comment that says, “Nice site you have” or “happy birthday” (or a similar sentiment on my birthday.) That’s a hard no now. Although the site is dormant at this time, I do currently come back to check on it now and again.

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